Monday, February 11, 2019

My Favorite Romantic Things on the Elite Blog!

Welcome to the Elite Blog. This week I am embracing Valentine's Day with all my favorite things. I'm introducing love stories from up and coming authors, custom jewelry and beautiful fragrances that warm the heart, soul and the home. Scroll down and treat yourself.
Love. The strongest of our emotions. Powerful enough to conquer all else. The magic of love is simple. the more you give, the more you receive. Embrace it with your whole heart.

 A.J. Kohler's beautiful and heartfelt story proves that not space nor time could ever really separate true and lasting love.  Totally heart-thumping!
Repeat: You're sorry you said goodbye, way back when. You went your separate ways, and the paths you took were hard ones indeed. You'd do better if only you could start over again, wouldn't you? Especially if you remembered this life. What would such a chance look like? How would you feel? What new mistakes and bad choices would you find? Paul and Angelina could tell you – now.



This beautiful story is available on Ebook, Kindle, paperback and audible.

Glitter Up Cowgirl has a special offer just for Elite followers. But, keep scrolling, because there's more to come!
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Marie Lavender is one of Amazon's most prolific and romantic writers. Here is her fantastic trilogy of romance warm and wonderful on the high seas. You'll swoon over her heroes. 
An unforgettable, sweeping saga of romance, passion and history rooted in tales of maritime suspense…
Three heiresses…three novels like no other.


Fara risks her heart every time she’s with him, but she cannot deny him.


Chloe never imagined that the man she deceived would be the one man she can’t stop loving.


Adrienne must decide whether to succumb to desire or fight for love.

…Will these remarkable women at last find what they’ve always wanted, or lose more than they can bear?

The Traveling Vardo dances in the night weaving your senses in a realm of delight.
Boudoir wax melts.  $6/pack + $3 shipping in the US.  They’re 3oz per pack, highly fragranced, and one of my most popular scents.  It’s sultry and sort of smoky, woodsy, Amber, vanilla fragrance that people go nuts over.  Visit

Linda Lingle's first romance is one to take you for an emotional ride. Another story that transcends time and boundaries.
You won't put this one down!

Deirdre Reid and Hartley Tate feel an immediate attraction when they meet at the office where they will work together and fall in love. There is only one problem: they are married to others and Lee has four daughters to whom he is devoted.

For 15 months Deirdre and Lee carry on a passionate affair. Then Lee’s wife is offered a big promotion across the country. With his heart breaking, Lee leaves Deirdre in San Francisco and moves East with his family so his wife can advance her high-powered career.

Soon, unforeseen circumstances have Deirdre second-guessing her insistence on a clean break. She resists every impulse to fly to Lee’s side, but on the first anniversary of their parting, Deirdre grows increasingly regretful and melancholy. Then she receives a surprising Christmas present which sets in motion a 38-year ritual that, against all odds, keeps alive the love she shared with Lee.

As their destiny unfolds, Deirdre and Lee dream about finding their way back to each other’s arms, and an unlikely guide emerges to light the path of their journey.

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Your's Truly, Elle Marlow has released an old favorite with a new look. Be swept away as young love discovers that as you grow, your love grows stronger. A historical Native romance. 
When an attack over-turns a wagon killing the Martins, their six year old daughter Avery learns to survive in the Smokey Mountains by watching the bears. It isn't until she is found by a young Cherokee boy that Avery learns to adapt and to trust. The path in their lives is not always easy to see, and suddenly a Shaman's Song sends her away from the boy who saved her and captivated her young heart.
Panther has always loved his Sun and Sparrow. She was a God Girl to him. Although his love is great, he he must betray her to protect her. Will the song of his heart bring her back with forgiveness? Will Avery the woman learn to love Panther the man?   

Thank you for visiting the Elite Blog today. I want to thank all my readers for what was a fabulous 2018. More to come. Follow the blog for updates. More promotions coming soon.



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