Friday, June 28, 2019

New Release All I Want is a Cowboy for Christmas

If you're not ready to retire the fun, here's a steamy and dreamy cowboy for you to love. He's Rafe Torrey a stuck in the mud kind of cowboy but he will make you fall in love and look forward to your advancing years. A Christmas short story only 0.99 from now till December!
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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Cover Reveal for a HOT Christmas Romance #FiftyIsSexyToo

So the hot, sheet melting romance between Rafe Torrey and Sydney Barrett has a cover. Make sure you are following this blog so you don't miss out when this releases. This story is fun, funny and proves that people in their fifties aren't rocking anything but the mattresses. :D

Friday, June 14, 2019

Come with me as I walk along the De Anza Trail

Hey everybody! I just got finished vlogging about a small part of Arizona history. Take a look! And subscribe! I have vlogs of trips all over Arizona places of interest and that appear in my books. Next were are heading to Ruby, Az. A ghost town with actual ghost. (I'm scared.) LOL.

Here's the De Anza Vlog De Anza Trail

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Coming Soon for Christmas!

Here's my latest project! I am so in love with this hero that I purposely get back on my lap top and write just so I can visit with him!

(C) 2109 Christmas in the Cowboy's Bed Elle Marlow

Rafe Torrey is a widower with only two passions; the South Sixty Ranch and ensuring that his daughter Jenna doesn't marry the city boy with his Tesla stuck in the mud. Jenna thinks he's the one stuck in the mud since he refuses to date. When the South Sixty is in danger of encroachment by housing developers, Rafe must attend a Christmas party where he comes face to face with a scrooge in a tight dress. Sydney Barrett reeks of New York City, expensive cologne and too much holiday rum.
If Rafe wants to save the South Sixty, he might have to swap her stilettos for spurs and knock the dust off the bedpost in this funny and heartwarming Christmas romance.
Christmas in the Cowboy's Bed (c) 2019 Elle Marlow
***Coming Soon***

Monday, June 10, 2019

Elite Blog welcomes Author, K.C. Sprayberry

The Elite blog welcomes author and long-time friend, K.C. Sprayberry. She's here to talk about her latest book, Crèche Terrenium.

 First of all, I read the blurb on Amazon and it's great! I'm not usually one for this genre, but I couldn't stop myself from opening up the sample and diving right in. Congrats on what promises to be a successful publication. I'm happy for you, my friend. And, I'm honored that you've chosen to speak about your book on my blog.

                                              Okay, so tell us about this amazing story.

A galaxy under attack… youth out of control… extreme measures are called for… until the citizens are faced with impossible choices.
Good day and welcome to the release of Crèche Terrenium. This book was written many years ago, when I was first starting out in my writing career. I submitted it to Millennial Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine as a 5,000 word short story. This was during the days of snail mail submissions and waiting months on end to hear back from the editor in chief. To my surprise, I heard back rather quickly, about six weeks. Figuring they’d laughed and sent me a letter telling me that I should quit writing, I waited a couple of days before reading the bad news. Well, it wasn’t a contract to have the short story published in their magazine. What I did get was a letter telling me that the then editor in chief loved the concept of my short story and wanted me to develop it into a full book before resubmitting.
The full book was written, critiqued, edited, rewritten, etc. over a period of six months of sleepless nights and fingernail chewing days. I finally resubmitted the new story to the editor in chief per her request, only to hear back nearly immediately. The thin envelope pretty much told the story before I opened it.
Turns out while I was breathing life into this novel, the editor in chief had been replaced with someone else. That individual bluntly informed me that they were no longer interested in teen sci-fi books, as “teens didn’t read.” Who was I to argue? I knew the book was good. All I had to do was wait for the right time and place to present it to the world.
The time is now.  

 I Agree! The concept is original and it totally caught my interest! What inspired you to write this? 


The inspiration for Creche Terrenium came from observing how poorly educated kids were with social studies instead of history, geography, civics/government, and current events. It felt like we would eventually reach a point where parents would be unnecessary and children would be raised by the government.

Youth out of control… Citizens demand a solution.
The Edict…
A law enacted to deal with recalcitrant children lays the blame on their parents. Only a computer can properly change The Melane Galaxy’s youth and turn them into good citizens. Chairman Sterling must force people to realize that parents aren’t right for raising children.
The Reporter…
Susannah Tilotsen discovers she’s being used by a government attempting to parent children. She soon realizes no one is safe from this new law. The loss of her beloved husband and her daughter being forcibly taken to Crèche Terrenium drives her to organize a group determined to stop this madness
The Boy…
Ripped from his loving home, Joey Dinaldo is taken to Crèche Terrenium after government troops find him living with his parents. He works hard to be a good citizen and obey the rules but soon discovers he can’t support a system designed to turn children into uncaring robots.
The Computer…
Master, the computer system that will raise these children, controls every second of their lives. Yet, there is no one to maintain the machine. The computer never thinks it needs to be repaired, even as the control it exerts slowly erodes. It is perfect, and fights to keep from being destroyed.
Rebels refuse to stop fighting until they have closed down the Crèche system and returned the children to their parents. Or find them a guardian. All of them are willing to do whatever it takes to end this madness… but at what cost?  

Elle Okay, so everyone who visits the Elite blog has to answer the dreaded, Deserted Island questionnaire. It gives us a peak of who you are and how clever you can be. So, here we go!  

You're stuck on a deserted island and can only have one of the following. Good luck! 

One person, my darling husband. We didn't have adventures when we were young, since we didn't meet until we were in our thirties. It took another six years before both of us were ready to settle down. Now, during our "retirement", we're finally having the no kids time and are ready for whatever life throws at us!

One book,To Kill A Mockingbird. This story has resonated with me since the first time I read it as an assignment in my high school English class. The close family relationship with Scout, her father, and brother showed me that despite the hard times they were enduring they always were there for each other.

One food, have to confess it would have to be pepperoni pizza from Dominos. That's my comfort food, the one thing that will get me through the hard times.

One phrase, "Never give up!" Because I'm not a quitter.

Author, K.C. Sprayberry  

If you'd like to purchase a copy of K.C.'s latest release, Please click on the link below

Sunday, June 2, 2019

I asked barrel racers what makes the woman and horse bond so special. #Vlog #Video

There is no doubt. Women and horses have a deep connection. I went around the local barrel race and asked a few women and men, just why that is. Click the link!  Make sure to follow this blog!  My books with rodeo action,  1. Horses from Heaven 2. Josey's Mountain 3. Where Have all the Cowboys Gone Check out my library to the far right for links.
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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Happy Release Day! Surrender the Wind book 2 is now AVAILABLE.

Woo hoo! It is always exciting to set a baby free into the world. Book 2 of the Fire on the Plains Romance Series is out!  Don't miss out on the love triangle between Wenona, Nash and Levi.
This book is a continuation of Surrender the Rain.

Special thanks to artist and author, R.C. Matthews for the beautiful cover.

Owl Girl. Her grandmother ambushed her early before the sunrise to question her about the two men. As grandmother handed her pemmican for their morning meal, she acted like a little girl while she questioned which of the two brothers sparked an interest inside of her. At first, she scoffed at her grandmother for the ridiculous notion. Not because she found the men unappealing, but because Owl Girl claimed that one of the brothers wanted to take her away to be his wife. She didn’t tell her grandmother that the young one tried to choke her and that the older one seemed to thoroughly hate her.

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New Release All I Want is a Cowboy for Christmas

If you're not ready to retire the fun, here's a steamy and dreamy cowboy for you to love. He's Rafe Torrey a stuck in the mud ki...