Since I've Been MIA Big Exciting Things Have Happened

 Hey Elite Team,  I apologize for having dropped the ball on the blog and not posting the rest of the Haunting Story. But I sort of have a great excuse. I wound up in Wilcox, Arizona for The Wild Bunch Film Festival and was nominated and WON Best Arizona Manuscript with Crawl, Larcena's Story.  You can't imagine my surprise and sheer joy. I got on stage and babbled like an idiot and then skipped my way home to Tucson. It is just so exciting. Currently, I'm converting Black Water Burning into a script and will be entering that into film festivals in 2021.  Keep an eye on my Amazon page where more than one of my books will go on Kindle Countdown or FREE.  Thank you for your patience! Much love, Elle. 

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Happy New Release Day! Dirty in Deadwood is live on Amazon

Dirty in Deadwood a flirty western who-done-it, is now available on Amazon at a discount for  limited time. Check it out!   Fall in love with Gatlin Whitehorse and Fiona Mac Gregor!

Ghostly Interferance? Maybe.

 Hello, everyone.    This blog post is quite lengthy and very different from what you're used to, but I decided to share with you this story about what has been happening to me.     So, my husband and I travel to Tombstone frequently. I'd say, over the past years we have at least fifteen to twenty visits under our belt.    Once a year I am there during Doc Holliday's to sign books. I look forward to this every year as I love to meet people, talk about my books and Arizona's wild west history.    Unfortunately, as much as I love Tombstone, apparently it either loves me too much or it wants me to leave. LOL. Why? Because sometime during the night I will wake up with a horrible headache. This happens with almost every visit. The one time I didn't wake up with this ailment was when it was freezing cold and snowing.   I have tried to figure out the cause. I have refrained from alcohol, I have drank tons of water, I have watched my diet, I have switched hotels, I am there

Cover reveal and blurb for a fun and sexy western suspense! Available on Amazon in July!

Ready to see what my crackpot muse and I have come up with? It's spectacular. When that muse teams up with super talented cover artist. R.c. Matthews , it's magic!!! Blurb - Blood is thicker than water, but dirt makes it all go away... Yes her father was dead, and yes Fiona might have pushed his lifeless body down the mine shaft that's hidden under the house, but that doesn't mean that she killed him. Or does it? Alone with her crazy mother and four sisters, life is hellaciously complicated. Especially when the sheriff starts snooping around asking questions and trying to collect on family debt. There's only one way to keep her mother's house and their secret hidden and that's by putting her family to work in the world's oldest profession. The sheriff and his deputies might be lawmen, but they're still... men. If you can't beat them, bed them... Emmett Kearns might be breaking the law and the promise he made to his common-law wife every time he s

Elle Marlow On Location Arizona Travel Vlog. This segment features Goldf...

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Can You Find The Eggs Hiding Amongst My Books?

Happy Easter! The bunny loves romance and he decided to hide a few eggs amongst my books. His friend, Fatima the cat, decided to hide too! How many eggs did that romantic bunny leave behind?  Answer key bottom right of page.