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Santa brought dirty ducks.

So many things to tell you about this Monday.  Like many of you, I've been busy trying to get all my Christmas ducks in a row. I had no idea what this would really mean...

  I've almost made myself sick trying to make sure I  please the masses of my family.  That's not what this special holiday is about, but we all fall for the trappings of commercialism and good ole guilt.  (Guilt, oh how I flipping hate you.) 
  Anyway, last night we went to a beautiful Christmas party and Santa was there handing out gifts.  This dude was the real deal. I've never seen a better Santa.  Only he gifted my eight year old daughter boxing gloves.  (Okay, so yes, I supplied the gloves for  both daughter and son) Well, all the other girls got Barbies, stuffed toys, make up.  It crushed her. She cried her little heart out to the ducks. (this party took place on a small farm and I found her crying to ducks)  I almost died of guilt.  Ran right to the store after the party and bought stuff…

Children of the Horse, Quiet Earth early release on Amazon

Finally, and thank you for being patient with me.  The continuation of Snow Fire's journey is here!  This is a short, 13k novella that takes us further into Erin's life as Snow Fire, wife to the passionate Cheyenne chief.   This story ends on a cliff hanger, don't hate me, but sometimes it's fun to leave you on the edge of your seat.  This is an angsty little read that I hope you enjoy.