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Here is the blurb and a first chapter sample for the soon to be released romance. Make sure to vote in the poll above.

Heir to a Texas dynasty, Rancher Hayden Courtland had everything but children. He’d hoped to have that family with his beautiful Comanche wife, but she traded Texas Cattle for Hollywood glamour a year ago, and he hadn’t seen her since.

Native American actress Alana Austin should have never run from her hometown cowboy. Now she’s back to right the wrong—if only Hayden would let her.

As Alana and Hayden struggle with the past and one man’s dark obsession, they find a second chance at love. Hayden is not an actor, but will he step into the role of daddy?
Chapter One 

"I can’t believe you came back. Get the hell out!"

Sucking in her breath so hard it hurt, Alana spun to see what at first glance, appeared to be a stranger standing in the shadows. Her hand flew to her chest, the air twirling in her throat to rush painfully out her lungs. If it were not for his familiar voice, she would’ve turned and ran. But when Hayden stepped into the light, her heart squeezed as she struggled…

My Knight In Not-So-Shiny-Armor

Well, look what I found at the cutest little antique shop in Show-Low Arizona.  I could kick myself for not catching the name of the place because the owners, a husband and wife team were incredibly kind and their business charming as hell. 

I was surprised to see this guy, standing still on guard watching over the treasures and I had to capture a photo. 

He reminded me that Heroes are more interesting if you scruff them up a little bit.  Give them flaws and bumps and bruises.  I'd rather have a Knight in not  so shiny armor anyway.   Wouldn't you? 

In my current project, "Protecting the Cowboy's Baby," Hayden is dealing with a drinking problem, trust issues and a sharp tongue.  Hopefully Alana's love will put him on the right path and they will find their 'happy ever after.'   

BTW, had a wonderful time in Show-Low.  I could easily imagine us pulling stakes and moving there someday.  I hope to visit this guy and his lovely owners again soon. 


Amazing Arizona Perfect Inspiration.

Arizona is truly an amazing place.  Tucson in particular has a unique gift of sprawling out around Mt. Lemon.   It is the only place in the world where a traveler can start out in the Sonoran Desert with all its Saguaro cactus glory and  in  30 minutes and a drive straight up, you'll find yourself right into the Aspens and at over 8 thousand feet.  It's breathtaking and was the perfect place to spend with the kids.
 We fished, hiked and ate.  Then we found ourselves on the ski lifts enjoying a grassy, wonderful view of not only Mt. Lemon but the entire Tucson area.
  It did me good to see the kids away from the video games and engaging in real life activities.  I think my favorite part of our trip was watching my husband pick up other people's trash on the trail.  Way to go dad.  Pretty soon, the kids joined us and we left nature a little cleaner than when we got there. 
 If you have a chance this summer, get out and enjoy your special part of America.  I'd love to s…

Summer books a One Hundred Horses/Seducing His Senator announcement

After some careful debating on vacation ideas, we decided to take the crew to Show Low, Arizona to take part in a fishing tournament, book into a casino hotel, etc, etc.   This will be great for the writer in me.  Josey's Mountain was written about  the surrounding area and I can't wait to visit and once again get a feel for the place. 
   I  then started to wonder about what people like to read over the summer?  Romances?  Thrillers?  What is a good beach  read to you?   Personally, I am a big fan of Evanovich Plum series.  I think I've read them all. 
 What will you be reading and what books really scream out Summer Reads to you?

In other news,  One Hundred Horses and Seducing His Senator both go on Kindle Countdowns this week.  You have a narrow window in which you can pick up each for 99cents. 

         Until next time, Elle  xoxoxo