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#BlackFriday #FREE My classic best selling romance, One Hundred Horses

Thank you readers for a fantastic 2016.  Never before has One Hundred Horses been free, but on Black Friday, make sure you get your copy. 
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Christmas for your Kindle several great reads.

I know this Christmas blog is early, considering that you haven't even put your turkey in the oven yet for Thanksgiving, but this year I think it's extremely important to bring forth the holiday cheer early.  With so many in turmoil, in doubt and in need of that special joy that we strive for during this most precious of seasons, I decided that I'm starting now.
This year it is my hope that no matter where you are, what you're doing, or even what faith you have chosen, that you allow yourself time this holiday to heal, to breathe, to forgive and to love.  We can't keep going at this crazy pace, feeling so much anxiety and stress before we just crumble.  And since we don't want that for ourselves or for others, lets just get on with being happy. 

I'm going to talk about several recommended stories you can download for your E reader that I feel are perfect escapes for those of us needing an extra dose of laughs, love and escapism.

The first is from Solsti…

Turkey Pot Pies.

My husband, god love him, struggles with the holidays every year.  He gets pretty testy if the kids who have moved out, don't make an effort to see us on the major holidays.  Well, I was kind of hoping this year would be different, but it is not to be.

Upset upon learning that a few kids might not be able to get together at least for desert, he starts grumbling in the store.  Instead of buying the turkey, stuffing and all the trim, he insist we just buy turkey pot pies and call it a day.


Here we go again.

There's something about Thanksgiving that brings out the crazy in my family.  Once, we found a packaged frozen turkey in the middle of our residential street.  I wanted to put up a poster, with something along the lines of;  "Hey, can you identify your turkey?" and give it back.  My husband said, "Finders keepers," and wanted me to cook it. 

I didn't.  How do I know someone didn't inject something weird into that bird? 

I would LOVE to …