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This is Halloween! Find treats at Elite's Blog and tour our haunted house!

Readers know that Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday.  At my house, we go all out in a big way.  Walk through my family's haunted house and then check out this list of reading recommendations given to me by the guest. 

Is there anything more fun then losing yourself inside another world? Haunted houses are like books, you step in and forget the real world is just outside.  Walk through my family's haunt, and for more thrills check out the following books offered by my guest who told me about their favorite spooky reads.

Enter Elite's Haunted House if you dare. Click HERE

Lisa suggest this spooky but quite funny Erotica read for Halloween

Ghost Bangers-When he's wanted, Dead or Alive

Kris recommends this anthology for a series of hair raising night time reads

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Click HERE  I checked, and it seems there are several volumes
to this anthology, so scroll on Amazon to find them all.  

The Elite Blog welcomes Author, Stephanie Hurt and her new book, Tuscany.

Hello, Stephanie.  Thank you for visiting the Elite blog.  Your new book, Tuscany has really piqued our interest and we'd like to know more about this exciting new title. Can you tell us how you got the idea behind it?

The idea for Tuscany came to me one morning as I was brainstorming on
another book. I was looking at pictures for a cover and several
pictures of Tuscany popped up. Then my writer brain went into
overdrive. The story came in like a tidal wave, causing me to push
aside of my other works in progress.
Since there were several stories about vineyards, I decided to focus
on the olive oil industry. So, I researched the industry in Italy,
specifically the Tuscan region and the story unfolded. I immediately
fell in love with the characters and their love for the land. One of
my favorite parts of the writing was the journal, which is a key
element in the story. I actually wrote it just like a journal, then
input in different parts of the book as needed.
This book was a work …

Christmas On the Ranch short collection available now.

These are two sweet thirty minute reads sold separately.  Grab a cup of something sweet and warm and spend some time on the ranch. Experience falling in love with the cowboys and their ladies who are looking for their happy ever-after amongst the pines and the horses.  

Writer's block and new projects

Writer's Block.  I has it.
 Well, sometimes I do, and I've been given great advice by writers who've done this much longer than I have.  Usually, they tell me to take a walk, take a shower or just get outside and refresh.  All good advice and has worked well in the past.  However, another way that I think works wonders, is to just start another project.  Go someplace entirely new and different with your keyboard.  It's amazing how shaking up your imagination by heading someplace else with your writing will stir up new ideas for the old.

Sometimes, those secondary projects will turn out some great stuff.  Write about anything, anywhere.  It doesn't have to make sense, it just has to get you thinking differently and out of the box. 

I did this recently, and now have a sequel to Christmas at Wild Horse Ranch.  Pretty soon, you'll see Christmas and Wild Fire Ranch hit Amazon and all because I wasn't a…