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Tis' the season of Where Did I Put That? Fa la la la la la la la la

You’re probably thinking that I’ve gone off the deep end with this blog post.But you’ll see exactly what I mean in the next few days as you try and wrap all those Black Friday deals. And if you’re one of those super organized women with all your wrapping materials neatly stored in a plastic container, you have no idea the fun you’re depriving yourself of.  Plus, the rest of the world hates you.  Just sayin' “Frank!I can’t find the scissors!” “I think Suzy has them in her room.All her Barbies have mohawks.” “Frank!”Where the hell is the tape!” “I used it to fix that leak under the faucet.I think it ended up in Suzy’s room she couldn’t find clothes for Barbie so she wrapped up her privates with it.” “FRANK!” where is the gift wrap and the damn bows?” “Oh is that what that was?I don’t remember.Ask Suzy.” “FRANK, I found the tape, the scissors and the gift wrap but now I can’t find a pen to sign the packages” “Suzy was drawing a new face on Barbie she might now, ask her.”

"Frank, t…

Butterball Turkey Butt Disease

I'm not going to talk about food or food preparation on this eve of Thanksgiving. I figure we have enough of those so instead, I'm going to discuss a well known yet little talked about phenomenon that happens as soon as the weather shifts from summer to fall, crisping the air.

Butterball Turkey Butt Disease. 
Yes it is real.
Mainly affects women over the age of mid 2o's and with hips that measure out 36 inches and beyond.  Sometimes the male species will catch this disease but it doesn't seem to have the long lasting effects in the human male than his female counterpart.  

First step in contracting this ailment is to spend time outdoors.  You will notice the first symptom of this disease when someone decides to build a campfire to warm things up.  This disease gives off the perverse desire to stand around the campfire backwards.  As in, here is this beautiful fire and we are going to ignore it, pretend it isn't there by sticking out butts out at it and look aro…

When you're married to a cowboy

Make sure you use specific language.  For instance, last night at seven p.m. I came running out of the bedroom..."I just bought Dakota a ride-on Mustang for Christmas!  The thing is we have to go get it now!"  
 Hubby runs out the door fast.  I notice he is acting like he is going to hook up the horse trailer. 
"No! a Power Wheels Mustang!" 

 To a cowboy or at least for my husband who is just married to a horse crazy woman, everything has to do with horses.  But I am excited to see my daughter's face when she gets her Mustang.  Plus, it doesn't eat or drink.   Good horse.

Elle Marlow Crew Took Tombstone by Storm

What a blast.  If you've never been, go.  Tombstone is everything they say and more.  I felt right at home on the boardwalks, the saloons and at the Bird Cage theater.  Can't wait to go back.   Next time, I'll take a stack of Josey's Mountain with me.  :)

Happy release day to author Monica Garry-Allen Today is the release day for Christmas Confusion, a fun romantic comedy featuring a cast of unforgettable characters. ABOUT THE BOOK TITLE– Christmas Confusion
SERIES– Bailey’s Chaotic Life
AUTHOR– Monica Garry-Allen
GENRE – Chick lit, Romantic Comedy, New Adult
PUBLICATION DATE – November, 03, 2014
BOOK BLURB ~Bailey Cooper has fallen in love – sadly the man she’s in love with already has a man. Or so she thinks. Sounds complicated doesn’t it? ~ Bailey Cooper is very much attracted to her neighbor Max Davis. Unfortunately for Bailey, Greg – Max’s lover is slowly becoming one of Bailey’s best friends. Bailey’s emotions are torn. She adores Greg’s friendship while at the same time she craves Max’s touch. What is a girl to do when she ‘thinks’ the man she’s in love with is in love with someone else? Max Davis and his baby brother Greg Davis are co-owners of the apartment building they live in. Max has fallen for his tenant, Bailey, but she avoid …