Friday, June 28, 2019

New Release All I Want is a Cowboy for Christmas

If you're not ready to retire the fun, here's a steamy and dreamy cowboy for you to love. He's Rafe Torrey a stuck in the mud kind of cowboy but he will make you fall in love and look forward to your advancing years. A Christmas short story only 0.99 from now till December!
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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Cover Reveal for a HOT Christmas Romance #FiftyIsSexyToo

So the hot, sheet melting romance between Rafe Torrey and Sydney Barrett has a cover. Make sure you are following this blog so you don't miss out when this releases. This story is fun, funny and proves that people in their fifties aren't rocking anything but the mattresses. :D

Friday, June 14, 2019

Come with me as I walk along the De Anza Trail

Hey everybody! I just got finished vlogging about a small part of Arizona history. Take a look! And subscribe! I have vlogs of trips all over Arizona places of interest and that appear in my books. Next were are heading to Ruby, Az. A ghost town with actual ghost. (I'm scared.) LOL.

Here's the De Anza Vlog De Anza Trail

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Coming Soon for Christmas!

Here's my latest project! I am so in love with this hero that I purposely get back on my lap top and write just so I can visit with him!

(C) 2109 Christmas in the Cowboy's Bed Elle Marlow

Rafe Torrey is a widower with only two passions; the South Sixty Ranch and ensuring that his daughter Jenna doesn't marry the city boy with his Tesla stuck in the mud. Jenna thinks he's the one stuck in the mud since he refuses to date. When the South Sixty is in danger of encroachment by housing developers, Rafe must attend a Christmas party where he comes face to face with a scrooge in a tight dress. Sydney Barrett reeks of New York City, expensive cologne and too much holiday rum.
If Rafe wants to save the South Sixty, he might have to swap her stilettos for spurs and knock the dust off the bedpost in this funny and heartwarming Christmas romance.
Christmas in the Cowboy's Bed (c) 2019 Elle Marlow
***Coming Soon***

Monday, June 10, 2019

Elite Blog welcomes Author, K.C. Sprayberry

The Elite blog welcomes author and long-time friend, K.C. Sprayberry. She's here to talk about her latest book, Crèche Terrenium.

 First of all, I read the blurb on Amazon and it's great! I'm not usually one for this genre, but I couldn't stop myself from opening up the sample and diving right in. Congrats on what promises to be a successful publication. I'm happy for you, my friend. And, I'm honored that you've chosen to speak about your book on my blog.

                                              Okay, so tell us about this amazing story.

A galaxy under attack… youth out of control… extreme measures are called for… until the citizens are faced with impossible choices.
Good day and welcome to the release of Crèche Terrenium. This book was written many years ago, when I was first starting out in my writing career. I submitted it to Millennial Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine as a 5,000 word short story. This was during the days of snail mail submissions and waiting months on end to hear back from the editor in chief. To my surprise, I heard back rather quickly, about six weeks. Figuring they’d laughed and sent me a letter telling me that I should quit writing, I waited a couple of days before reading the bad news. Well, it wasn’t a contract to have the short story published in their magazine. What I did get was a letter telling me that the then editor in chief loved the concept of my short story and wanted me to develop it into a full book before resubmitting.
The full book was written, critiqued, edited, rewritten, etc. over a period of six months of sleepless nights and fingernail chewing days. I finally resubmitted the new story to the editor in chief per her request, only to hear back nearly immediately. The thin envelope pretty much told the story before I opened it.
Turns out while I was breathing life into this novel, the editor in chief had been replaced with someone else. That individual bluntly informed me that they were no longer interested in teen sci-fi books, as “teens didn’t read.” Who was I to argue? I knew the book was good. All I had to do was wait for the right time and place to present it to the world.
The time is now.  

 I Agree! The concept is original and it totally caught my interest! What inspired you to write this? 


The inspiration for Creche Terrenium came from observing how poorly educated kids were with social studies instead of history, geography, civics/government, and current events. It felt like we would eventually reach a point where parents would be unnecessary and children would be raised by the government.

Youth out of control… Citizens demand a solution.
The Edict…
A law enacted to deal with recalcitrant children lays the blame on their parents. Only a computer can properly change The Melane Galaxy’s youth and turn them into good citizens. Chairman Sterling must force people to realize that parents aren’t right for raising children.
The Reporter…
Susannah Tilotsen discovers she’s being used by a government attempting to parent children. She soon realizes no one is safe from this new law. The loss of her beloved husband and her daughter being forcibly taken to Crèche Terrenium drives her to organize a group determined to stop this madness
The Boy…
Ripped from his loving home, Joey Dinaldo is taken to Crèche Terrenium after government troops find him living with his parents. He works hard to be a good citizen and obey the rules but soon discovers he can’t support a system designed to turn children into uncaring robots.
The Computer…
Master, the computer system that will raise these children, controls every second of their lives. Yet, there is no one to maintain the machine. The computer never thinks it needs to be repaired, even as the control it exerts slowly erodes. It is perfect, and fights to keep from being destroyed.
Rebels refuse to stop fighting until they have closed down the Crèche system and returned the children to their parents. Or find them a guardian. All of them are willing to do whatever it takes to end this madness… but at what cost?  

Elle Okay, so everyone who visits the Elite blog has to answer the dreaded, Deserted Island questionnaire. It gives us a peak of who you are and how clever you can be. So, here we go!  

You're stuck on a deserted island and can only have one of the following. Good luck! 

One person, my darling husband. We didn't have adventures when we were young, since we didn't meet until we were in our thirties. It took another six years before both of us were ready to settle down. Now, during our "retirement", we're finally having the no kids time and are ready for whatever life throws at us!

One book,To Kill A Mockingbird. This story has resonated with me since the first time I read it as an assignment in my high school English class. The close family relationship with Scout, her father, and brother showed me that despite the hard times they were enduring they always were there for each other.

One food, have to confess it would have to be pepperoni pizza from Dominos. That's my comfort food, the one thing that will get me through the hard times.

One phrase, "Never give up!" Because I'm not a quitter.

Author, K.C. Sprayberry  

If you'd like to purchase a copy of K.C.'s latest release, Please click on the link below

Sunday, June 2, 2019

I asked barrel racers what makes the woman and horse bond so special. #Vlog #Video

There is no doubt. Women and horses have a deep connection. I went around the local barrel race and asked a few women and men, just why that is. Click the link!  Make sure to follow this blog!  My books with rodeo action,  1. Horses from Heaven 2. Josey's Mountain 3. Where Have all the Cowboys Gone Check out my library to the far right for links.
Click here to watch video

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Happy Release Day! Surrender the Wind book 2 is now AVAILABLE.

Woo hoo! It is always exciting to set a baby free into the world. Book 2 of the Fire on the Plains Romance Series is out!  Don't miss out on the love triangle between Wenona, Nash and Levi.
This book is a continuation of Surrender the Rain.

Special thanks to artist and author, R.C. Matthews for the beautiful cover.

Owl Girl. Her grandmother ambushed her early before the sunrise to question her about the two men. As grandmother handed her pemmican for their morning meal, she acted like a little girl while she questioned which of the two brothers sparked an interest inside of her. At first, she scoffed at her grandmother for the ridiculous notion. Not because she found the men unappealing, but because Owl Girl claimed that one of the brothers wanted to take her away to be his wife. She didn’t tell her grandmother that the young one tried to choke her and that the older one seemed to thoroughly hate her.

Click for Surrender the Wind

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Free on Amazon until 5/23

Horses from Heaven is free and blazing a hot streak on Amazon.  Grab a copy while you can.
I Want My Free Copy

Monday, May 20, 2019

I auditioned and didnt cry...

This was fun and a little scary. We will know soon what opportunities come from this! :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Whiskey Pinatas and Book Awards Vlog

The dress arrived and we had a party and won an award! Check it out. Also, meet the editor! :)

Friday, May 3, 2019

Cover Reveal for Surrender the Wind book 2 Fire On the Plains Romance

Needless to say, I have the BEST cover artist in the whole-wide world.  Surrender the Wind will not be available until July, but this cover is too pretty to keep to myself.

Make sure to grab Surrender the Rain since these stories do go in order.

Here's the rough blurb;

Wenona, the daughter of Talks to the Sky and Fire Eyes, does not look nor feel her Native heritage. She wants to explore her mother's people. But when two brothers are captured and brought to the Bird Band to recover from injuries, Wenona falls in love with both. One, is just like her father, a warrior with a need for a family. The other shares her desire to run free. Who will win her heart especially when the plains people are being forced south and the life they've known is threatened forever.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Welcome Author, Robyn Rychards to the Elite Blog!

Some people just rock my world. Robyn Rychards is one of those true and loyal friends that works hard, laughs harder and is steadfast and true. She also writes one heck of a romance full of rich characters, clever plots and sometimes twisty ends. I love her work. And I love this book.  💓
Robyn, welcome to the blog today. Please tell me all about your new release. 

Dancing With the Best Man 🕮
For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a fascination with dancing, so needless to say, Dancing With the Stars is a show I’ve enjoyed for years. I’m also drawn to romance stories with a hero or heroine—or both!—who is some kind of professional dancer. The trick was doing something that wasn’t your run of the mill dance set up. Which generally is the hero having to learn to dance. So how to put a twist on it? The quick, easy solution is to have the man be the professional dancer. Done. But how to make it more outside the box? Easy solution again. The heroine doesn’t like dancing. So of course I didn’t take that easy route. For a while I pondered how to put a twist on this trope. Then one day, as my ideas tend to do, the twist came to me. The heroine has a secret indulgence. She loves dancing and watching celebrity dance shows, but she doesn’t like touching or being touched. Which meant she had to be forced into dancing with the hero. Voila! Dancing With the Best Man was born  

Awesome. This story line is something I think will have a universal appeal. Who doesn't love the show, Dancing With the Stars. And you weave this so well.  Okay, so as you know, I always ask my guest to answer the dreaded Deserted Island questions. LOL. Let's get to know you a little better! 

1. Your favorite food. What could you eat for the rest of your life?
Cereal! I have often said I’d love it if I could just eat cereal every meal and not have to worry about cooking anything or deciding what to eat!
2. A person to share the island with?
I’m assuming you mean someone besides my husband? Because he has all the necessary skills! But this is a tough one because, do I want someone with island living skills or do I want someone fun to be with—and look at of course! And the winner is…. Neil Diamond! We can figure out those island living skills on our own, but having someone fun to be with who can entertain you is something you’re born with not something you learn.
3. Your favorite book
Of course, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but I’m thinking, to go along with the island theme and because it’s stood the test of time in my life, I’d take The Sword and the Shadow by Sylvia Thorpe. Pirates, romance, adventure, danger… Everything you need to escape reality!
4. One luxury item, T.V. radio, hairbrush, toothpaste?
Well, you know if I say my phone, I have everything… Hehe! And by everything I mean it has books, music, and an app I can write my stories in! Nothing that requires internet there!
5. A quote. Something you'd say over and over.
‘Just because it’s true doesn’t mean you need to say it.’ Although raising girls I have been know to say over and over, ‘Boys will do and say anything to get you to like them’. 

I LOVE IT!  NEIL DIAMOND is DA BOMB.  And I have four daughters, a step daughter and a couple that I've just sort of adopted, so I know all about that!!! 

Let's get back to your book. I'm so in love with it. Here's the cover and the blurb! 

Accountant Jade Nichols avoids physical contact, but when her beloved sister Lexi asks her to be her maid of honor, and take choreographed dance lessons for the wedding from celebrity dancer Alejandro Rivera, she doesn't hesitate to agree. Though it reawakens issues from her past, she'll do anything for her sister. Still, it may end up giving her a nervous breakdown. And a broken heart.
Alejandro Rivera cares about two things—dancing and his dance studio for underprivileged children. Women are something he enjoys only on a temporary basis. And Jade Nichols? She's a complication he'd normally avoid. So why can't he stop thinking about her? Or keep his hands off her for that matter?
Will Alejandro and Jade overcome their past and embrace love?

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Goat Butter and Floozie Dresses Vlog

Yeah. the title sums it up nicely.  Basically, I am going to be in Tombstone Aug 10-11 for the Doc Holliday's event and I have this friend...

Friday, April 26, 2019

Cowboy Cussin' Why Lawyers Should Chase Horse trailers instead of Ambulances.

Don't have a horse? Thinking it might be fun? Have some neighbors with horses and what appears to be a decent marriage? Pull up a lawn chair, grab a beer and some popcorn and let me fill you in on why your horsey neighbors always have that grizzled look cowboys are famous for.

Here's how it starts. "Honey, let's go to the rodeo."

This is when you run for the fridge to grab a beer, set up a lawn chair and start your video rolling. It's show time. 

Step One. Somebody has to back the truck to the trailer.  Usually it's the husband. But as you will learn, this doesn't always mean that the husband was the best choice. He starts the truck and leaves the driver's door open, his left leg is casually draped over the edge because this is going to go so quickly, there's no point putting both feet inside the vehicle. He peers up through the rear-view mirror. Meanwhile, his wife is straddling the hitch, eyeballing him with doubt. Her immediate lack of faith in him makes him light a cigarette. He starts to roll the truck backwards and she begins to give him hand signals that look like a Delta airline stewardess showing her passengers which way to exit the plane.
 "No, your left! I said left!" His foot slides into the truck and the door slams.
 "Right!" "Dammit, I said Right!"
"Roll the window down so you can hear me!"
When he gets close, suddenly his wife turns into a dancing lobster and starts pinching her fingers together. This inches him closer. For some reason, he panics and misses his target. He starts hollering from inside the truck. His wife throws her hands in the air and they repeat this pattern several times.

Go get another beer, the fun is just beginning.

Step Two. Fetch the Horse.
Since both the husband and wife horsey couple are a little irritated with each other and mumbling profanities under their breath, the horse picks up on all that excitement. Suddenly, sweet little Gumdrop lifts his head straight into the air like a giraffe and decides he wants no part of these two nut jobs and proceeds to trot around the stall like Seabiscuit. "Here, let me do it!" The one NOT holding the halter demands.
 "You're scaring him."
"Stop chasing him, he's a flight or fight animal."
"God, who ever taught you how to do this?"
"I can't catch him when I'm sliding around in horse shit. When are you going to clean the stall?"
"He trusts me more than you. We have this bond. We've done Parelli together."
"For the love of Christ, that is NOT how you tie a rope halter."
 This rivalry for who is truly the master catcher goes back and forth until both humans and now the horse are all pissed off, out of breath and sweaty with a good coating of shit-dust on their skin.

Step Three. Load Gumdrop.
Gumdrop takes one look at the little two hose bumper pull trailer and says in his best horsey way, SCREW THIS. And suddenly, the horse turns into Michael Jackson and moon walks his way back toward his stall. This makes the husband take off his hat, wipe his forehead and for the first time you learn how many different ways one man can use the F word without repeating a single noun, pronoun, verb or adverb. Impressive.
The wife, pets, strokes and pleads into Gumdrop's ear. Finally, Gumdrop puts his nose in, he backs his nose out, he snorts. He puts his nose in, he backs his nose out and he snorts. The wife says, "I don't understand it, he was just in this thing." The husband snaps that she babies Gumdrop. This puts her on the defense and the pair start cussing about as bad as when they tried to hook up to the trailer. The horse picks up on this new found fun and now it's a DOUBLE SCREW THIS, and the moon walk goes into hyper-drive. They use ropes, they use carrots, hay, a whip, another horse, a goat, they call in a priest. By the time Gumdrop even thinks of lifting a foot into the trailer it's been thirty minutes and all three look like their about to drop dead and several threats of divorce have already passed between them. One of them may have even called a lawyer. That shifty bastard doesn't show up though, he knows better.

Still want a horse? 
A husband? 
A wife?
They somehow manage to get Gumdrop in the trailer and they drive away. This is when you should put the beer down and follow them in your Prius. Trust me because they forgot the saddle at home.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

My Haunted Double-Wide.

When you think haunted house, typically the mind envisions beautiful old Victorian style homes with sweeping staircases, attics, basements and creepy dead trees that loom over the entire thing. You don't usually think trailer. Oh, let me be politically correct as to not insult this place or it's inhabitant. Manufactured Home. 

I'm here to set you straight. At first I thought I was imagining this. I mean it's a new trai...manufactured home, brand new. No ghost here. Never really thought of ghost as being anything more than floating bed sheets that used to scare the shit out of me when I was a kid watching Scooby-Doo.  

Not anymore. I'm woke. Real woke now. 

It started innocently enough. The house is sitting on a tad over an acre of land. The entry is a double heavy iron gate that you need the strength of two bears to open. We are also in the desert and it's hot, so getting out of the air condition car to push open hot gates is a chore. Well, my teen daughter thought so as she whined about having to do this. Until, the gate swung itself open to let us drive through. Knowing the impossibility of it, my daughter curled herself into a ball in the passenger seat and refused to get out and close the gate. I laughed it off as I got out to push it closed. But on the inside I was freaking out. There's no wind, this gate is barely moveable. How in the bloody hell …. That was fifteen years ago, and it has never, not once, ever opened itself since no matter how much I have begged it.

So after a year or more of crazy happenings, we finally confessed to the neighbor that something in our new home feels 'off.' to which she tells us that yes, in fact, someone over dosed on pot just a few yards from our gate. Who does that? Who overdoses on pot? Anyway, he was a kindly old biker dude and he had quite the sense of humor.
He still does and he's a pervert too.
 He seems to only come into the house when there's teenage girls present and he pinches their ass. True story. Sometimes he screws with the cat, and my laundry room is his "crib." More shit happens in my laundry room than anywhere else and I don't know why. 

To add to all of this, we are big time Halloween fanatics. You'd think this haunted house stuff would be right up our alley. Well, we do host a home haunt to which, I joke every year that we don't need decorations, because our biker ghost will do the work for us. I stopped being so sarcastic ever since he was caught on video whispering in the camera, "I'll be good."  EVP at HOME Haunt 34 sec mark And then, this thing continues to set off the motion activated witch long after I have passed it.  If you watch this video all the way through, you will hear this witch continue to talk when my son and I are no where near it.  

Perhaps the best story about my biker ghost and this place happened after another home haunt and another motion activated Halloween prop. We had our party, and everyone had gone home except for two friends and their son who stayed a while longer to visit. By our gate we had a motion activated grim reaper and he can only talk if someone walks directly in front of him. Plus, it was night time and dark. He wasn't going to go off unless you put a flashlight on his motion sensor and someone or something crossed the beam of light. This reaper has always annoyed me because frankly, he is hard to set off. Well there he is all by his lonesome by our gate, no flashlight on him and my friends and I are a good twenty yards from him relaxing and talking about the party, old times etc. When my friend's husband commented about the reaper. Suddenly the reaper's eyes light up and he starts talking. David, our friend talks back, the reaper talks back. David stops talking, the reaper stops talking. Okay, so the reaper is only saying the pre recorded things it's programed to say, but it's talking and lighting up only when David talks to it and David is NO WHERE NEAR IT.  

Maybe the batteries were going dead? I don't know that was four years ago and the damn reaper works fine, never changed the batteries. 

So, my haunted trailer was up for sale. I never mentioned the ghost. I mean, it's just a figment of my imagination. My husband and I completely remodeled most of the house and put it on the market. Despite all of our work and the fact the area was a hot market, every house but ours sold. Finally, the realtor confessed that there is something here that makes him uneasy and for some reason the front entry gate makes him especially nervous. The same gate that opened for my kid, the same gate the reaper had a convo with my friend. So here we sit in our haunted house and held captive by the biker ghost who doesn't want to let us go. (I say, he should do the damn dishes, mow the weeds or do something to make himself useful.) but that's just my opinion. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Mom, Mama, Mommy, Ma, Mother... Rantings from a scattered mind...

Motherhood. You will survive it.
 What you think you look like--> 

What you really look like--->   

And it's okay. It really is.
As a wife and a mother, when
I enter Walmart, I wish to drape myself with my invisibility cloak. You don't see me, I don't see you. As far as I'm concerned, Walmart is the black hole of existence. But not my husband. He morphs into George Clooney and has to stop and shake hands with every other soul he passes. He knows them all. He shines at Walmart and I am a spider immersing myself into the nearest crack to get away. It's not that I'm a bitch...okay, I'm a bitch. But mainly, I'm just super uncomfortable trying to explain why I look like I just wrestled a 400 pound cat while living through a tornado. I also don't want to explain why I'm holding a bottle of tequila, Ice cream cones and a bag of artichokes. The real me should never see the light of day. Ever.  
 It gets worse when you have to shop with toddlers or infants and people come up to you to tell you how beautiful your baby is. On the outside, you're nodding your head agreeing with them, but on the inside, you're watching your baby like he/she is a fucking ticking time bomb and you know at any minute the little shit will explode. We can all admit this. We love our kids, but dammit, they're jerks.
        How about when you meet up with your best friend who had a baby before you did? That's always fun. No judgement heading your way there. Let me warn you, it goes like this; "Your baby doesn't walk yet? But she's six months old...My son was already excelling in ballroom dancing at that age."
"Isn't your daughter potty-trained yet? I trained my son by pissing on Cheerios in the toilet. or I trained my son by (Insert her amazing training technique here.) and you walk away from this conversation clutching your kid thinking you are either, A: The worst mother ever on the planet in the history of human beings, or B: Your kid is a damn moron. Maybe you shouldn't have drank all that Dr. Pepper while you were preggers. Don't worry mom, your kid will learn to use a toilet.

Also, Just so you know, you don't have to fill your kids with every activity under the sun. If they don't attend Jr. Rodeo, Ballet, Girl or Boy Scouts and the Circus College of Clowning, trust me, they'll be okay. All a kid really needs is some sun, some dirt and an imagination. They'll be fine, mom.

New Release All I Want is a Cowboy for Christmas

If you're not ready to retire the fun, here's a steamy and dreamy cowboy for you to love. He's Rafe Torrey a stuck in the mud ki...