Monday, March 31, 2014

This is so exciting!  Thank you readers for making One Hundred Horses a best seller in two categories on U.S. Amazon!  We have set the bar high and I'm thrilled!
  In the next few weeks The Shaman's Song will be released.  Wouldn't it be amazing to see both books side by side on the best seller's list?  DREAM COME TRUE!

Friday, March 21, 2014

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

One Hundred Horses ranked #98 today in Historical Fiction on Amazon. Woo first best seller!   It also ranks #42 in Hot new releases! 

Thank you Laura Johnson and Madison Conners of Front Porch Romance.

Don't miss "The Shaman's Song" releasing this spring with Solstice Horizons!

Photo: Lo and behold! 

One Hundred Horses is a Best Seller on (U.S. Historical Fiction) , edited by yours truly!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Monday, March 3, 2014

Welcome to the Ell-ite blog debut author F.J. Thomas. 

I have known this pretty lady for a few years over the internet.  F.J. is kind, compassionate and funny.  She knows her way around a horse and the pen and paper.   She has a new release "Lost Betrayal" with Solstice Publishing.   I think you will fall in love with her as much as I have.   Here's the interview;
Please tell us about yourself, where are you from,  and a little about your family.
I originally grew up in Nashville but have lived the last ten years in east Tennessee on our small horse farm, Fairweather Farm. I’m married to my husband, Steve, and have three step children who are all in the Army. I work full time in the healthcare industry writing healthcare appeals to pay the feed bill but I’m really a lost cause horse geek at heart. I judge horse shows, train, and compete in anything from barrel racing and cattle sorting to huntseat. I just love horses!  
When did you start writing and when did you decide to take it seriously? 

 I was a junior in High School when I wrote my first poem and went on to win second place in a state wide competition in poetry. I also write songs but haven’t had any luck with those. I started getting kind of serious about writing in my thirties writing articles and doing some copy writing but it wasn’t until last year that I sold my first book.
Who are your favorite authors?

 Boy, that’s a hard one because I can appreciate writing ability regardless of genre and I have a wide array of tastes, really. For instance, I love Stephen King. He’s a master at suspense but I just did a proof read of Cooper, a western written by Tell Cotten, and he does a wonderful job with subtle humor and dialogue. I have to say also that you’re one of my favorite authors as well because you do such a wonderful job at making the characters real and your personality shows through your writing. You’ve got a great voice.

What books in your collection have you read more than once?
I spend a lot of time reading self-help books on writing trying to improve so I’ve probably re-read those type books the most. As far as fiction, I’ll confess I read the first book of Fifty Shades Twice. I mean, what married woman wouldn’t? LOL!
What are your writing goals?  Where do you see yourself this time next year?
You know, the goal that’s always in the forefront for me is to be authentic as a writer. That’s very important to me and I think readers deserve authenticity and realness. Since a girl can dream big, my ultimate goal is to write my way right out of my current job. I’d love to get involved in movies as I’ve got a lot of ideas bouncing around in my head. This time next year I’d like to be started on my third book. I’ve already started my second and I’m hoping to get it done by the end of summer, that is if show season doesn’t intervene too much!  
6. My last question;  You are stuck on an island forever...  you can only pick one answer for each of the following questions.

     You can only have one restaurant on your island....  who do you chose? –Vittorinos Italian Restaurant from Loudon, TN . I love their Calzones!
      One movie – Seabiscuit – That movie is so inspirational!
       One book –Bible. That’s my rock, but it’s also full of some great stories so you’re killing two needs with one stone!
        One form of medication –I’d rather have wine, LOL!
         One animal –Dog. I’d be too worried about not having grass for a horse.
Last parting comments?
First of all, thanks for having me on your blog – you rock! I also want to thank Solstice Publishing and my editor, Tell Cotton, for giving me a chance. Without him none of this would have happened. As far as parting words for writers, don’t give up. The majority of times the only difference between you and someone who has made it is that the other person didn’t give up.
Please list your professional credentials and your buy links. 
Credentials… I’m an OHSA Carded Judge (Open Horse Show Association)

 it’ll be available on Amazon and

Twitter: @F_J_Thomas   
Frances J. Filson-Thomas
Published Author, Horse Show Judge, Riding Instructor
Fairweather Farm - Sweetwater, TN


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