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Build your library and make it pretty.

Writers, I don't know where I read this advice, but I'm passing it along, because I think it's a good one. 
  Plan your library of books.  So, you've got one or two out there and of course, there will be more. Don't worry about sales early in your career.   One or two books isn't enough bait in the big lake of readers.  Build your library.   Here's something else,  PLAN AHEAD.  Get yourself really familiar with your target audience and then figure out a brand.  Work with a cover artist NOW and decide, just what common thread you're going to weave on all you covers that a reader is going to recognize as uniquely you.
  I followed the advice of building a library. I wrote and wrote and wrote... but I didn't pay attention to branding. *sigh*  It's never too late, so now I'm going to start.   To know what I'm talking about, I'll use Cora Seton for an example.  If you check her covers out on Amazon, you'll see beautiful, eye catching…

Listen in as the boys at KJZZ have a little fun with me and Seducing His Senator

Make sure to click on the upper left podcast to hear this funny and oh, so fun interview.

Pour Me is FREE this week only!

Grab your copy of this two hour romance.  A contemporary western/sweet romance about Carly, a struggling divorced bartender and Cade, a single dad of a feisty little girl in search of a new mom.  A reader favorite!

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Bringing up baby and oh baby I'm going to be famous.

Releasing a new book is always exciting.  It's full of hopes and dreams and expectations of greatness.  As an author, you might find yourself refreshing the Amazon sale page every few minutes, foaming at the mouth waiting for your ship to come in.  Because, hey.  Obviously, you just wrote that elusive, never explained, "Great American Novel" and the readers are going to burn a path right to your door. 

Then, depending on your outlook, goals and how full your wine glass might be, reality sets in.  It's still work.  You still have to flick on your neon sign and say, "Hey, look over here!"   It's tough for almost every author I know since typically, most authors are shy little wallflowers.  Good thing for me I have big mouth.

I got to use it this week too when by some strange cosmic luck I was asked to be interviewed on a radio show.  KJZZ "The Show" in Phoenix called me and talked to me for a good thirty minutes about Seducing His Senator.   I…

Happy Book Release Day! "This Arizona Senator feels the heat when she's roped in by a rancher with a secret."

After a year of writing, waiting and wondering...Seducing His Senator finally makes it's debut today on Amazon and CreateSpace.  Ah, feels so good to let this one fly!  Fans of Josey's Mountain, Pour Me and Women of the Wild West series will especially become fans of our  hot couple, Vivian and Brock.  Grab your copy and let me know your thoughts!   Click for Seducing His Senator
Here's the blub;
Senator Vivian LeMasters is Arizona’s favorite and most talked-about politician. Her ethics and sexy charisma might win over the voters—but not the ‘establishment.’ They can’t wait to see her fall from her pedestal. She can’t risk her career for anything—even love.
Blackmailed into a plot to end Vivian’s career. Cowboy Brock Barone is supposed to wrap the young senator in a sex scandal—not fall in love. Now he has to choose; seduce her for love or betray her for money.
Phoenix gets hotter when the sun goes down.

Seducing His Senator cover and pre-order link! Yay! We finally did it!

Isn't this awesome?  A big shout out and thank you to C.A. Speakman and Pink Kink Ink for this beautiful cover.    Seducing is one book you don't want to miss.   Real to life characters drive this fast paced story of a young female senator as she is caught up in a sexy and dangerous scandal.   Betrayal is swift but not for the one you expect.   

Release date is March 17th

"This has got to be Marlow's best work yet.  I cried, laughed and held my breath.   Brock is the ultimate hero and Vivian could be my next door neighbor.  To put it simply, I loved this book!" 

Pre order link

Blurb from cover jacket

Senator Vivian LeMasters is Arizona’s favorite and most talked-about politician. Her ethics and sexy charisma might win over the voters—but not the ‘establishment.’ They ca…

Seducing His Senator Cover Reveal Tomorow!

Stop on in tomorrow for the cover reveal of my newest full length, steamy novel, Seducing His Senator.
  The first page is just the beginning of the hot and dangerous love story of Vivian and Brock!