Friday, May 30, 2014

Top Brass is avail now on KIndle. Did it just get hot in here?

Check out Elle Marlow's newest release.  It's hot and it's funny.  You will love Dalton and Dixie and the staff of Top Brass.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Josey's Mountain coming soon!!!

 First round edits are done and the cover is revealed!  Josey's Mountain is my first full length novel being offered for print and E readers.   I have to toot my own horn, this is a great book!   Look for it!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Look for these great romances by Elle Marlow

May 10  "Tawdry & Temptation"  two romances under one book.  2.99 Amazon

May 2     "The Shaman's Song" the timeless love of Panther and Avery Wherever you buy for your E reader and avail in print on Amazon

May 1st  "One Hundred Horses" The warm message of the value of love with Grey Fox and Sarah.  Amazon Barnes and Noble Smashwords and in Print on Amazon

April 30  "Pour Me"  The fun and crazy antics of Carly and Cade with Little Danni wanting a new mom.   Reader favorite.    Wherever you buy for your E reader. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Today on our Ellite Blog, we have author Olivia Gracey.   Olivia is a debut author with her newest release from Solstice Publishing. 
The Allow Factor. 

Thank you for joining us here today, Olivia.  

1.  How old were you when you started writing and when did you decide to take it serious? 
I started writing at a very early age. I was always creating stories and characters out of my dolls. I began in junior high writing poems, short stories and songs. I was in my thirties when I decided I would write a novel. When I penned my first one I was hooked. Creating a story and a believable fictitious life became an obsession. It was all I wanted to do. I knew my purpose in this life had finally found me. But when my manuscript was finished and my beautiful piece was turned down time after time for publication, I became disheartened and set the dream aside. A few years later and a lot of encouragement I picked back up the dream with a new idea for a new book, “The Allow Factor.” My goal was set to be published by the time I was forty five, -violla… here I am.

2.  What made you take the plunge and hit submit?

I found purpose and meaning to help other women deal with their relationships thru the eyes of the character Sadie. I knew they would easily identify with her. I knew there was healing within the pages and if it helped me to write it then I just knew it could help someone else to read it. All the while still offering them a fictitious romance novel to get lost in.

3. Tell us about your book.  
In a nutshell...Why do men treat us in such ways? We Allow them to. Why do they break our hearts? We allow them to. Why do we walk away broken? We allow ourselves to. When you take full responsibility of how your relationship turned out you see where you went wrong.  You learn from it. You hopefully raise the bar on what your worth. Every girl deserves to be someones forever bride. 

4.  Tell us about yourself.  What kind of things other than writing do you enjoy?
I don’t sit still. I have my hands involved in everything. I’m a florist…used to own my own floral business back in 1998. Because of that I still do flowers and event planning. I love to paint, sew and cook. I make a mean lasagne that would make you think I was born italian. I used to be a personal trainer helping woman learn how to take better care of themselves and how to eat so yes I’m a gym rat at heart, love a good sweat. I run as often as I can and lift weights. I’m a firm believer in The Good Lord and feel I am blessed beyond reason. He has given me great peace through my writing. I spend as much time as I can with my two boys. My oldest son plays in a band with me called "Just Gracey.” We write and compose all of our own music and do a few Folk covers as well. We play at a local mall on weekends and wherever we can.

 Okay, all my guest have to answer the famous "Deserted Island Questions 

So, you are forever cast alone on a deserted island but you are granted a few things to take with you.

1.  Your favorite restaurant
That’s easy…. Casa Blanca… Mexican
2.  Your favorite book
   I would have to say the Bible only because I’m bad about reading it…I don’t read. lol And if I was deserted on an Island I would be forced to read it!
3.  Your favorite pet
  I have three dogs…Can’t leave anyone behind; Gizzy, Boo Radley (my poms) and Toby Keith (my German shepherd).
4.  Your favorite T.V. Show?
 Big Bang Theory…the only show that’s made me laugh in a while. 

Thank you.  Are there a few things you would like to say in closing?   And make sure you include your buy links or expected release dates.    

Thank you for having me on your Blog! Please check out my new book “The Allow Factor” and share it with your friends. I haven’t met a woman yet that couldn’t relate. It could be just the book you need to read! Please stop by my pages and read my blogs. You’ll learn more about the book and fall in love with Sadie. She’s a crazy kind of beautiful!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

This is exciting stuff.   Do you love the old west?  This is about as good as it gets.  Two romances in one.  The Gambler's Passion and The Dust Garden.  This really is romancing the west Elle Marlow style!

Avail Mother's Day weekend on Amazon for your Kindle.

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