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Rafe Torrey is a widower with only two passions; the South Sixty Ranch and ensuring that his daughter Jenna doesn't marry the city boy with his Tesla stuck in the mud. Jenna thinks her dad is the one stuck in the mud since he refuses to date. When the South Sixty is in danger of encroachment by housing developers, Rafe must attend a Christmas party where he comes face to face with a scrooge in a tight dress. Sydney Barrett reeks of New York City, expensive cologne and too much holiday rum.
If Rafe wants to save the South Sixty, he might have to swap her stilettos for spurs and knock a little dust off the bedpost in this hot but heartwarming Christmas romance.

*This is a romance for those of us approaching or over the age of 50. "Just because there's snow on the roof, doesn't mean there's no fire in the chimney." ~ Every grandparent, retiree, mature adult everywhere. 

Surrender the Wind is book two for the Fire on the Plains Romance. This is the next generation
*Can be enjoyed as a stand-alone*

Which brother will capture the wind? Only Owl Girl knows...

Wenona of the Wind is the grown daughter of Talks to the Sky and Fire Eyes. She has been raised within the Bird Band of the Kiowa, but she does not have a sense of belonging and she does not believe she carries the gift of controlling the sky. In fact, she'd like leave.
When Levi and Nash Van Horn are injured and taken to the Bird Band, Wenona finally feels a purpose and a connection. She offers to heal them. But there's not much time since Kansas is becoming a state and the U.S. Army is fast approaching. After much consideration, Chief Man of Sun decides that the Bird Band will finally surrender. And in the interest of peace, he sends Wenona away to her mother's farm with the brothers. On this journey Wenona discovers the truth about her mother's childhood and she learns the truth about herself. She is more Kiowa than she ever realized.

One brother will offer her the world, the other will betray her. Will the gift she denied help her to become the woman she's destined to be? 

She was never allowed to cry. He was never allowed to love.
There hasn’t been a drop of rain in Kiowa territory for many moons. The drought dried the crops, the rivers and pushed the bison far to the south.

After the death of her abusive mama, Sadie stands in a dead corn field the last survivor of their settlement, wanting to die.
Fire Eyes, a Kiowa warrior, secretly watches the distraught woman talking to the sky. Her tears fall like rain as she attempts to take her life. When the sky unfolds and unleashes a tempest, he rushes to save her, forever binding her to him.

They can’t be together—she’s a witch.

Talks to the Sky can summon the rain with her tears and now Kiowa enemies want to wage war for the woman. Fire Eyes knows the Pawnee will painfully torture Talks to the Sky to make the rain. They will destroy her to bring home the bison and the grass.
Fire Eyes will risk everything for the woman who sets his heart and body on fire.

Only, she has to cry, and he has to love.


There’s a killer in the mountains, a beautiful woman in his bed, and an orphan at the mission.

Won as a prize in a poker game, Italian beauty Sophia is forced to run with Comanche Crow and his Hellfire gang. Crow is as dark and disturbed as the devil, and when his gang begin to kill just outside of Tucson, they fall into the jurisdiction of Sheriff Cooper Blackwater.
Blackwater takes his job seriously, and he’s sacrificed plenty to wear his badge. He’ll face his biggest challenge with Comanche Crow, especially if he falls for Crow’s mistress, Sophia, who is claiming not only her innocence, but his heart.   Amazon Buy Link  ##

The incredible survival story of Larcena Pennington Page in the Arizona wilderness is well documented. However, until now, we've never actually seen this journey unfold through the eyes of the woman. Author Elle Marlow does an amazing job of retelling the tale in Larcena's voice. You will be taken back in time and be awed at how love empowers the human spirit.
After surviving a dangerous journey from Tennessee, Larcena Pennington arrives in Arizona with her family. Soon after, she falls hopelessly in love with lumberjack, John Page. John works at the lumber mill in Madera Canyon, while Larcena is left behind at nearby Canoa Ranch to help with chores and educate a young girl. After malaria begins to threaten her health, John decides to move Larcena closer to the mill, believing that cooler weather will help her feel better. It is on that journey that both Larcena and her student are brutally captured by the Apaches. Larcena is forced to travel with them and when she is caught trying to leave a trail for her husband to follow, she is beaten and left for dead. This is her story of survival and how she crawled for sixteen days through an untamed wilderness to reunite with the man that she loves.

This is a 20k words Novella

The Before Arizona Series is a planned series of novellas that depict the founding pioneers of Arizona, their experiences, triumphs and great loves.    Amazon Buy Link #

From the author of Walks With Him Comanche Bride, The Flight of Falcons Nez Perce Bride, comes the final saga in this best selling Native Bride Series.

Raised by an infamous gunslinger, Christine River learns to survive the Arizona territory living like a man. In fact, she prefers it until the day she finds an orphaned Apache baby under a tree.

She's determined to take the child home and raise him as her own until she's ambushed on the trail by a fierce looking warrior claiming she stole his son!

Not one to back down from a fight, Christine isn't giving up and he's not giving in. Together, they expose a frightening truth about the recent massacres and missing children in the area, and the heartbreak about Christine's, "Broken Butterfly's" own turbulent past.

She might enjoy the freedom of living like a man, but Thomas Shadow Wolf is going to prove that she has much more power as a woman.

Each novella is a stand alone and can be read in any order.
This a novella has slighlty less pages then the other previous stories in the series. It is also more graphic with language, violence and sexual situations. Not for the under 18 reader. 
Walks With Him, Comanche Bride.

Moves The Wind…is how the Comanche describe a stallion that eludes capture. It is said that the beast is both horse and spirit, running free between this world and the next. To ride this horse is the greatest desire among men—until she came into their world.
Abandoned in the wilds with sickly baby sister, Ivy wanders into the path of a Comanche out on the chase. He is terrifying with his long hair and body made from the granite cliffs that surrounds them, but she needs him to save her sister’s life.
The Comanche name her Walks With Him, and her beauty has started a war from within. One man wants to enslave her while the other wants to capture her heart and set her free. The price is impossible. The first to capture the spirit horse will be given the woman.
The real gift is who the woman gives of herself. ###

Cole Justin Carter is Nashville’s hottest star. But what burns bright, soon burns out.

Feeling lost, Cole returns home to the mining town of Gemstone, Colorado hoping to reconnect with his past and his high school sweetheart, Anna Vanner.
Except, life has changed in Gemstone. Vanner Mines have closed, putting the town in jeopardy and Anna is about to say “I Do” to the another man.
Trading his guitar for a hammer, Cole finds a peace and a purpose restoring the community church and the little tomato vineyard his dad left to him. He’s on the road to recovery until Anna calls off her wedding and Vanner Mining makes a claim for his land.
Cole might have quit Nashville, but he’s not about to give up on his legacy or his love for Anna.
With the help of a youth group,
Daisy, a tomato-thieving mutt, and good friends, Cole discovers there’s more to life than gold or gold records. There’s love, family, and roots that run deep. Because in Gemstone, you can’t keep the truth or true love buried for long.

One must hold on, the other must let go…
Born with the warrior blood of both the Scots and the Nez Perce, Falcon is as free and as fierce as the raptor for which he is named. As a young boy, he saw his life’s path, and he has sacrificed to find it.
After the loss of her husband and child, Leigh travels the Oregon Trail, desperate to lay roots that will grow a family tree.
In a Nez Perce village, two cultures and two hearts collide. Leigh (Morning Song,) might be Falcon’s destiny, but, another man has a claim on her, and he is the enemy. For Falcon to fulfill the dream of his youth, he must win Morning Song’s heart and face this man—even if it means fulfilling the prophecy of his own death. For Morning Song to have the family she always wanted, she must set herself free from the ties that bind, and learn to fly with the raptors. 

In the west, sometimes your heroes are also your enemy… After her plantation burns to the ground by the hands of her Confederate father, Willow is then forced to escape Georgia aboard a wagon train heading west. When the Apaches attack the wagons, capturing and brutalizing her, Willow’s mind tries to cope by escaping reality. As her mind slips her from the present back into the past, confusing the Indians for Yankees. Willow no longer knows her enemies as the Apaches tie her to a tree as a gift for a man they call Yellow Rock. Dutch knows a trap when he sees one. The crazy woman whistling Dixie up on that cliff means only one thing; the Apaches want him to take her instead of the gold from their sacred mountain. And even though Dutch has plans for that gold, and secrets that the beautiful woman might not accept, his heart and the Apaches threaten to ruin all of it. They call her crazy. But he knows the truth and he’s going to do something about it.

Known as the Ice pirate, Stefan Ice captains the Raven, a wicked ship filled with treasures and haunting secrets. The one thing missing from Raven’s coffers is revenge. The only thing missing from Stefan’s life is love. Bianca is the jewel in her father's crown. When she is captured and bound on the Raven, she becomes an unwilling pawn in an unknown feud between the dark pirate and her father. With every rock of the ship, Stefan steals her heart and unravels their tangled and tragic past. Bianca will need to rely on her faith and her heart to find God's purpose for her life. Is it with the legendary pirate?

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This is a stand alone short story that's part of the Christmas at the ranch series. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a short but sweet Christmas love story.

Jacob Steele is an ex rodeo star and a widower. After two years, he's ready to heal from his loss, but the small Texas town he lives in won't let him. He decides to uproot his life and buy a ranch in the Arizona Mountains. Maybe there, he can start over and find happiness again.

Charlene also known as Charlie, is trying to use her carpentry skills to rebuild not only homes, but her life. When the cowboy comes looking for help with a partially burnt down ranch house, it is just what she needs. However, she's got major trust issues and it's going to take a lot to convince her that she belongs with Jacob and on his ranch for Christmas time.
The animals aren't the only thing wild in Alaska...

Missy Monroe and Pepper Lawson have a problem. She traded his engagement ring for a badge. She might patrol the town, but Pepper’s wealth and charm rules it. So when wildlife begins to disrupt the quirky residents of Timber Valley, Missy thinks there’s more to it than hungry bears in search of baked goods. Their trail of bakery crumbs lead her straight to Pepper’s Christmas Tree Farm and right into his arms. She always wanted to cuff the man—but not arrest him.

To get close, to find the answers, Missy might have to get High on the Mountain.

"You were and still are the best thing that's ever happened to me."

Heir to a Texas dynasty, rancher Hayden Courtland has everything except children. He'd planned on having that family with his beautiful Navajo wife, but she crushed his dreams to chase hers in Hollywood. There's not enough whiskey in Texas to numb the pain, especially when she walks through his door...

Actress Alana Marlow desperately wants to right a terrible wrong. But she's haunted by the past and targeted by one man's obsession. She'll have to fight them both if she wants to win back her Cowboy's trust and protect the one thing he always wanted.

Stand alone novel that is a sister novel to Josey's Mountain. The Marlow family saga continues


Senator Vivian LeMasters is Arizona’s favorite and most talked-about politician. Her ethics and sexy charisma might win over the votersbut not the establishment. They cant wait to see her fall from her pedestal. She cant risk her career for anythingeven love.


Blackmailed into a plot to end Vivian’s career. Cowboy Brock Barone is supposed to wrap the young senator in a sex scandalnot fall in love. Now he has to choose; seduce her for love or betray her for money.


Phoenix gets hotter when the sun goes down.

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 Two years ago, Josey Starr lost her husband. She’ll be damned if she loses her ranch too. The wolves are after her cattle, and someone is out for her land. Josey knows she needs help but she doesn’t want it from Hawk Marlow. She trusted him once – and vowed she never would again. She’s better off alone – isn’t she?

Hawk thinks he’s just checking his investment. But he’s invested more than he realizes. The land he acquired by default belongs to “The one that got away.” Hawk has something to prove – old flames never die; they just burn hotter on the Second Strike Ranch.

This is a stand alone short story that's part of the Christmas at the ranch series. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a short but sweet Christmas love story.

Jacob Steele is an ex rodeo star and a widower. After two years, he's ready to heal from his loss, but the small Texas town he lives in won't let him. He decides to uproot his life and buy a ranch in the Arizona Mountains. Maybe there, he can start over and find happiness again.

Charlene also known as Charlie, is trying to use her carpentry skills to rebuild not only homes, but her life. When the cowboy comes looking for help with a partially burnt down ranch house, it is just what she needs. However, she's got major trust issues and it's going to take a lot to convince her that she belongs with Jacob and on his ranch for Christmas time.

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Colten Marshall never dreamed he’d wind up playing Santa Clause for Wild Horse Ranch’s Christmas party, but that’s exactly what he’s doing. When he finds out an old flame will be at the party, he decides to take advantage of being inside the suit. Maybe Leah will tell Santa what she wants for Christmas. He just hopes it’s him.
Leah can't wait to get back to her home in the pines for Christmas. She misses everything about Wild Horse ranch, and she’s ready to right a wrong. She should have never left Colten Marshall and she can’t wait to make it right. But when he fails to show up for the Christmas party, the only man in the room willing to hear about her heartbreak is Santa.

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In order to escape famine and a dark future in Ireland, thirteen year-old, Erin Mc Conaha sneaks aboard a ship headed for America. Five years and a tragic accident later, she falls into the hands of the Cheyenne.
With the help of the horses, and a young, soon-to-be-chief Bear Talker, Erin learns to walk, love and have hope again.
Before she can claim the future of her heart; her past will seek to destroy her. Will Erin be forced back to her roots and a life of servitude, or will Bear Talker’s love ensure her role as Snow Fire of the Horses, the wife to a passionate Cheyenne chief?
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Grey Fox grew up listening to tales about a love so passionate and rare that it became worth more than all the horses upon the face of the Earth. He didn’t believe any of it until the day he found the rancher woman injured and near death after an attack by Brother Lion. Now, before him, the vision materialized. Yet he felt nothing but a warrior’s instinct to protect. How could he love anyone so greatly? His heart had died many moons ago...

Sarah would do anything to escape. She could not possibly be the girl the Comanche predicted would come into their world and be the woman of this great love. But as time and suffering passed like petals on the wind, Sarah would come to realize that the only ties that bound her were the ones around her heart—and hope would grow that Grey Fox might ride with a hundred horses to carry her home.

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Wanted: "One Cowgirl Mommy"
That was the ad right next to the one about the bartender job. Carly Stevens wasn’t sure she was prepared for either, but she was heading back to Arizona regardless. Running from her past, and hopefully to a brighter future, Carly couldn’t predict that all three would collide and force her to face her demons - and sexy cowboy Cade McCormick would be to blame for all of it.
Cade had to be careful about the women involved in little Danni's life. A cowgirl was on the bottom of his list! But time has a way of changing hearts and minds and roping the past together. Is his new bartender really the woman he thought he lost years ago? Did little Danni really place an ad to find her?

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Happily free and newly divorced Ginger Garrett thought her luck had changed when she won the chance to photograph a local firefighter's calendar. That is until she met Court McClure. The station's captain is not only hotter than blazes, he's a big fat liar too. He's setting her body on fire and maybe the town.
Court McClure tried to keep his identity hidden and it would have worked if Ginger's nutty mother hadn't stumbled into a dangerous crime ring. Now he has to reveal the truth, save them both, stop the fires and admit he is falling for Gold Coast most desirable and irritating bachelorette.

"Funny and sexier than hell!" ~AH Review

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Is there ever a good reason to become a stripper?
Dixie Reece needs to save a ranch full of abandoned horses. She’s desperate and she needs money now. However, she didn’t plan on her new ultra-sexy boss to become such a huge and hot distraction.
He wants to keep their love a secret. Easier said than done.
Having been forced to run Top Brass Gentlemen’s Club, Dalton wants to do his job and leave. Now he has a reason to stay-and the reason defies logic. He’s found real love in a place where love is only a fantasy. Top Brass.

“In a dark filled room, she’ll dance for you…fair of face, full of grace on her pedestal...and like the spirit she dances on the clouds all adorned in her lace and leather camisole…”

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When an attack over-turns a wagon killing the Martins, their six year old daughter Avery learns to survive in the Smokey Mountains by watching the bears. Avery learns to adapt and to trust until the Shaman's Song changes her life's path and sends her away from the boy who saved her and captivated her child heart.

Panther has always loved his God girl but to protect her he must betray her. Will the song heal her heart and bring her back with forgiveness? Will Avery the woman learn to love Panther the man?
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