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Stay neutral or jump in the fire?

Happy Monday.
  There sure is a lot going on in our world these days, isn't there?  So much to be grateful for as an American and so much controversy that its pretty hard to see the truth and gain any sort of healthy perspective. 
  Most people know I'm a bit of a loud mouth when it comes to politics and I've been warned that I should keep it shut as an author.  I was told that I might offend someone and lose sales. 
  For awhile, I did that.  I fought to ignore all those political memes and hot topics because I was worried I was going to derail my readers. 
  BUT.  Doesn't it seem to you that everyone is becoming offended by just about everything these days?  I have two words;  GROW UP.    This whole live and let live motto is only useful if you are living along the lines that  pleases the masses.   Hell, I can't do that no matter how much I'd love to be popular with everyone. 
  So what's the right choice?  I can only do what's best for me, and ch…

Come and share my fire.

Good Monday morning!
Please join me around my fire and help yourself to the pipe, the drink, and relax for a spell.

  Guess what I did most of the weekend?  I worried.  What did I worry over?  Well, I noticed a few sales of my very early published works and I started to get all gut tied inside because I remembered how I struggled to put words to paper in such a way that you folks would understand them.
  I worried that maybe I should remove those books.  After all, there are grammar mistakes, maybe a few plot holes, maybe, just maybe it would read like I wrote them using my feet. 
   Then I decided NOPE THEY STAY.  Why?  Because, I'm hoping by this time next year I'll think the same way about the stuff I am currently publishing.  I'm hoping that my craft continues to improve. 
  Will I lose readership because the words are not perfectly written?  I don't know. If life itself was perfect, I'd be sitting around a fire with a long pipe and recalling tales of humor…