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Its Cover Reveal Day!

The revisions are complete, and the story has been polished.  Come aboard the Black Raven and fall in love with Steffan and Bianca.  Clean Reads Publishing delivered this beautiful cover and this title will be available the end of Jan/early Feb.    Yo Ho!

Josey Mountain fans! Here's your chance to vote.

Are you one of the thousands of readers that thought Josey's Mountain should make it to the screen?  Here's your chance to rate and comment on the story.  Tell Greenlight Pix your thoughts! Click Here

Vote for Solstice Publishing's Author Of The Year VOTE and win prizes.

Solstice Publishing is looking for your votes for your favorite author.  When you vote, you are automatically entered into a drawing for prizes. 

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Thank you!

#BlackFriday #FREE My classic best selling romance, One Hundred Horses

Thank you readers for a fantastic 2016.  Never before has One Hundred Horses been free, but on Black Friday, make sure you get your copy. 
Click HERE for a FREE Ebook copy of One Hundred Horses Black Friday ONLY

Christmas for your Kindle several great reads.

I know this Christmas blog is early, considering that you haven't even put your turkey in the oven yet for Thanksgiving, but this year I think it's extremely important to bring forth the holiday cheer early.  With so many in turmoil, in doubt and in need of that special joy that we strive for during this most precious of seasons, I decided that I'm starting now.
This year it is my hope that no matter where you are, what you're doing, or even what faith you have chosen, that you allow yourself time this holiday to heal, to breathe, to forgive and to love.  We can't keep going at this crazy pace, feeling so much anxiety and stress before we just crumble.  And since we don't want that for ourselves or for others, lets just get on with being happy. 

I'm going to talk about several recommended stories you can download for your E reader that I feel are perfect escapes for those of us needing an extra dose of laughs, love and escapism.

The first is from Solsti…

Turkey Pot Pies.

My husband, god love him, struggles with the holidays every year.  He gets pretty testy if the kids who have moved out, don't make an effort to see us on the major holidays.  Well, I was kind of hoping this year would be different, but it is not to be.

Upset upon learning that a few kids might not be able to get together at least for desert, he starts grumbling in the store.  Instead of buying the turkey, stuffing and all the trim, he insist we just buy turkey pot pies and call it a day.


Here we go again.

There's something about Thanksgiving that brings out the crazy in my family.  Once, we found a packaged frozen turkey in the middle of our residential street.  I wanted to put up a poster, with something along the lines of;  "Hey, can you identify your turkey?" and give it back.  My husband said, "Finders keepers," and wanted me to cook it. 

I didn't.  How do I know someone didn't inject something weird into that bird? 

I would LOVE to …

This is Halloween! Find treats at Elite's Blog and tour our haunted house!

Readers know that Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday.  At my house, we go all out in a big way.  Walk through my family's haunted house and then check out this list of reading recommendations given to me by the guest. 

Is there anything more fun then losing yourself inside another world? Haunted houses are like books, you step in and forget the real world is just outside.  Walk through my family's haunt, and for more thrills check out the following books offered by my guest who told me about their favorite spooky reads.

Enter Elite's Haunted House if you dare. Click HERE

Lisa suggest this spooky but quite funny Erotica read for Halloween

Ghost Bangers-When he's wanted, Dead or Alive

Kris recommends this anthology for a series of hair raising night time reads

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Click HERE  I checked, and it seems there are several volumes
to this anthology, so scroll on Amazon to find them all.  

The Elite Blog welcomes Author, Stephanie Hurt and her new book, Tuscany.

Hello, Stephanie.  Thank you for visiting the Elite blog.  Your new book, Tuscany has really piqued our interest and we'd like to know more about this exciting new title. Can you tell us how you got the idea behind it?

The idea for Tuscany came to me one morning as I was brainstorming on
another book. I was looking at pictures for a cover and several
pictures of Tuscany popped up. Then my writer brain went into
overdrive. The story came in like a tidal wave, causing me to push
aside of my other works in progress.
Since there were several stories about vineyards, I decided to focus
on the olive oil industry. So, I researched the industry in Italy,
specifically the Tuscan region and the story unfolded. I immediately
fell in love with the characters and their love for the land. One of
my favorite parts of the writing was the journal, which is a key
element in the story. I actually wrote it just like a journal, then
input in different parts of the book as needed.
This book was a work …

Christmas On the Ranch short collection available now.

These are two sweet thirty minute reads sold separately.  Grab a cup of something sweet and warm and spend some time on the ranch. Experience falling in love with the cowboys and their ladies who are looking for their happy ever-after amongst the pines and the horses.  

Writer's block and new projects

Writer's Block.  I has it.
 Well, sometimes I do, and I've been given great advice by writers who've done this much longer than I have.  Usually, they tell me to take a walk, take a shower or just get outside and refresh.  All good advice and has worked well in the past.  However, another way that I think works wonders, is to just start another project.  Go someplace entirely new and different with your keyboard.  It's amazing how shaking up your imagination by heading someplace else with your writing will stir up new ideas for the old.

Sometimes, those secondary projects will turn out some great stuff.  Write about anything, anywhere.  It doesn't have to make sense, it just has to get you thinking differently and out of the box. 

I did this recently, and now have a sequel to Christmas at Wild Horse Ranch.  Pretty soon, you'll see Christmas and Wild Fire Ranch hit Amazon and all because I wasn't a…

Children Of the Horse, Many Faces. The final story of Snow Fire's Journey.

I thought I'd share the blurb with you and let you know the story is shaping up nicely.  Expect to see this final story on Amazon by late December.  Thank you all for taking this journey with me. 

Children of the Horse; Many Faces
The final story of Snow Fire’s Journey
By Elle Marlow

After the disappearance of his wife and child, Bear Talker’s spirit shatters as he begins the trek north to reunite his people with Raven Eye and the rest of the band.
Erin, (Snow Fire) believes she’s been taken too far for her husband to rescue her.Desperate for her child’s safety, she surrenders to the soldiers. With them, she encounters ridicule, abuse and the unexpected affections of an army officer.
Torn between duty and love, Douglas Wilder struggles with the decision to turn Erin over to the authorities for the murder of Liam Kern. That is, until he encounters an imposing Cheyenne chief whom claims responsibility not only for the murder, but also for the woman and child. All three will sacrifice …

Yellow Rock, A novella available on Amazon or Paperback by Elle Marlow


The Desk Report

So much to share with you today.  First, the big news; I've signed with Clean Reads Publishing.  So excited.  Clean Reads has the rights to The Black Raven, White Dove, my pirate inspy romance.   We are going to make a good story great and re-publish something I think you are truly going to enjoy.  Look for a cover reveal soon. :)

Secondly, I know all my Children Of The Horse series fans are wondering when the last in the series, "Many Faces" will be available.  I'm working on it and am hoping the final leg of Snow Fire's Journey will be out by Christmas.  I truly want Erin and Bear Talker's  story to end in a deep and meaningful way.  

Thirdly, Yellow Rock, my latest release is doing very well and is now out in print.  Ah, nothing like the smell of a real book. :) 

Hope all is well in your world, talk soon,  Elle.

The behind the scenes story of Yellow Rock

Yay!  We made it!   Yellow Rock is live.  But I bet you didn't know there's another story, the story behind the story.

 My dad was a prospector.  Oh, he was many things, he owned  sign company, his father was the famous magician, The Great Fontaine, so he was a magician as well.  He was a helluva guitarist.  But the thing that seemed the most unique was he was a gold miner. 
  Guess who had to hike all over the desert with her dad, helping to carry all that equipment?  In Yellow Rock, Dutch has 'Fatty' the mule.  My dad had me.  Sigh.  And we lived in Yuma, Az.  It was HOT.  LOL.

 I have many, many fond memories of digging for gold with dad.  Once I sat on a boulder full of scorpions.  (should have put that in the book)  and another time, I found his biggest nugget.  I was eight, and on a rock, just so we wouldn't lose the spot, I wrote; Kelly's MIND.  I had typo's even at eight years old. 

Anyway, I really enjoyed writing about Dutch, and reliving my c…

It's Cover Reveal Time!

Oh how I love Willow and Dutch.  Their love story will grab you and never let go.
Look for this title August 19th on Amazon!

After her plantation burns to the ground by the hands of her Confederate father, Willow is then forced to escape Georgia aboard a wagon train heading west. When the Apaches attack the wagons, capturing and brutalizing her, Willow’s mind tries to cope by escaping reality.
 As her mind slips her from the present back into the past, confusing the Indians for Yankees. Willow no longer knows her enemies as the Apaches tie her to a tree as a gift for a man they call Yellow Rock.  
Dutch knows a trap when he sees one. The crazy woman whistling Dixie up on that cliff means only one thing; the Apaches want him to take her instead of the gold from their sacred mountain.  And even though Dutch has plans for that gold, and secrets that the beautiful woman might not accept, his heart and the Apaches threaten to ruin all of it.
They call her crazy.  But he knows the truth and …

Follow this blog and win a chance at swag from legendary Tombstone.

We are celebrating the release of Tainted Doves Trilogy, and anyone who follows this blog between July 15 through Sept 1st.  Will be entered for all kinds of great prizes straight from Tombstone.  Good luck!  

Happy Release Day!!!! Tainted Doves Triology.

We are large and in charge.  Tainted Doves Trilogy featuring Whiskey's Women, The Dust Garden, and The Gambler's Passion is live on Amazon and avail for print early August.  If you love real authentic westerns in actual locale, if you don't mind your women wild and unbranded, this is a must read.  Very excited, and thankful to Solstice Publishing for the joint efforts to make this book possible.

Votes are counted tomorow for my Wattpad #OnceUponNow entry.

Yay!  The time is almost upon us.  I would be very appreciative if you'd give my entry
The Prince, the Frog and the Waitress your consideration.  Become a Wattpad subscriber, then vote on all the parts of the story by clicking on the star in the upper right corner. 

Thank you!  Here's the link.  Top ten gain a publishing contract with the giant, Simon and Schuster.

Amazon Best Selling Author Siren Allen visits the Elite Blog.

Look who stopped by to tell us of her new book, Her Alien Protector.  Siren Allen! 

We can't wait to dive into this one ! Her Alien Protector is a steamy Sci-Fi Romance featuring an alpha female and a dominant male? Who will end up on top?

~Her Alien Protector Blurb~ Falling in love with a prisoner was against the rules.
So why was Lark allowing herself to get close to Raynor? He was domineering, cocky and much too handsome for his own good. Though her mind found him unbearable, her body was ready to endure anything he could deliver. However, she wouldn’t allow herself to fall for him, to trust him. Inside of him lived a darkness unlike anything she’d ever witnessed. If the rumors were true, that darkness would consume any and everyone in its path. Lark was going to try her best to stay out of his way.
They called him The Destroyer.
Raynor Batiste was many things: a monster, a killer, one of the most feared creatures in the galaxy. He was a beast whose name sent shudders through …

Cover Reveal for Tainted Doves Trilogy!

This is cool.  Your favorite western heroines in one book.  Tawdry and Temptation along with Whiskey's Women are joining together for a Trilogy with Solstice Publishing.  These stories will be revamped, revitalized and these women reinvented a little tougher, a little more untamed, and a whole lot more passionate.  The wild west and these wild women remain unbroken.

Girls, guns, grit and grace.   Release date TBA.

So when you claim to be an author...

Congrats!  You have successfully installed "Author" to your hard life. You have either by publisher, or independently, wrote, edit, and then published your first book.  You deserve to celebrate the achievement many people dream about but for whatever reasons, never achieve.   Now here's what nobody ever talks about.

After Josey's Mountain published and made it so big, I couldn't wait for someone to ask me,
"So, what do you do for a living?"
I puffed up with pride, lifted my chin, smiled as if I rose above the fray of soul crushing mundane employment and said very dramatically;  "I'm an author."

Here are the usual responses and none of which I expected.

"Oh, you write romance?  So you write mommy porn.  Niiice."  (Mommy Porn is NOT romance novels.  Mommy Porn is a clean house, a babysitter and giant margarita on the beach, stupid.)

"Oh, you write romance?  When are you going to write a real piece of literature?" (Groa…

Isn't this cool? Harlequin's member of the month.

Shhh... don't tell anyone that one of my alter egos is Kelly.  A girl can't keep a secret.  However, I'm very humbled by Harlequin's honor no matter the name.  What a fabulous publisher.  No matter where you find yourself on your writing journey, the Harlequin boards are there to help.  Love them!

Readers I need you!

I've decided to try my hand at a writing contest hosted by Target Stores. They have teamed up with Wattpad looking for the top ten modern day fairy tales based on the old myths. So I am knee deep writing about the old tale/myth of kiss a frog and get your prince! 

Read the story as it is written about Lilly, a feisty little waitress and Trenton Prince, the new and handsome diner owner with some really, quirky traits that keeps Lilly guessing.  Is he a prince or is he really a frog?  This is a fun short that will need your votes in the voting phase of the contest.  The top ten will be published in October in an anthology avail in all Targets! 

Read the story as it develops here

The voting phase is June 14-21 and you do that by clicking the star in the upper right corner for each part.   

PLUS I am really hoping for comments as I write to let me see this through your eyes.  

Let's have …

Toothless Women, Horses, and Great Book Reviews

Happy Monday.  I know, that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but for me it does today.  I had the best weekend.  I took my dental budget and bought myself a horse.  I figured it was more important to invest the money on the inside of me rather than the outside.  So, I loped my new horse, aptly named, Doc Holiday, and smiled my toothless grin.  I used to be so vain about appearances, and now I only care about enjoying my life.  Dental money will come some other time. Right now, we ride! 

Protecting Arizona received its 8th review yesterday.  Five stars and enthusiastic. 

Most Recent Customer Reviews
5.0 out of 5 starsWow! A great romantic story with enough twists to keep you sucked in. It shows the worst and the best of human nature. The best triumphs. Published 21 hours ago by V. Babcock Damn, I needed to see that.  It put another toothless grin on my face.  If you haven't read Protecting Arizona, I think its one of my best.   Brock and Vivian's love talk…

Happy Release to The Black Raven, White Dove! My first Inspy Romance!

Amazon was on the ball today.  My first Inspirational romance went live within minutes of uploading.  I'm so excited about this title.  I fell in love with the story of Bianca and Stefan, and I hope you do as well.

The Black Raven, White Dove click here

New Book Video Trailer for Where Have All the Cowboys Gone

I love book trailers!  Here's the latest for Where Have All the Cowboys Gone.

For a short time, this title will be avail at a promo download price of 99cents! Yipee!

Monday And rattlesnake BUZZ

It's Monday? This weekend went by in a blur. 
My horse trainer got bit by a rattlesnake, didn't take care of it properly and apparently, if you move around too much you can get re-venomnized.  Holy moly who knew you can re-infect yourself? 

So now I'm on guard.  If it moves, I scream.  

Here's some good deals to get you to scream on a Monday. 

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone is avail on Kindle for download only 99c. Till May 2nd.

Protecting Arizona is FREE.  For today, 4/25 only. 

Go grab your copies and watch out for anything that slithers.

The Crowned Raven update plus other news

Happy April 20th.  Isn't this supposed to be weed day or something?  My novella, High On the Mountain is the perfect novella if  you love to smoke, joke and get a little hot.  It's a steamy read that melts some of that Alaska snow. Pepper Lawson gives Hawk Marlow a run for the money in the hot hero department. 

My Harlequin entry, The Crowned Raven moved on to the final phase in the Manuscript Match contest!  I'm thrilled.  Between the wonderful editors at Harlequin and  Solstice, I'm a happy author nestled between two of my favorite publishers.   It feels good.  I need 42k more words to complete the exciting pirate romance, so if you don't hear from me, send tequila and tacos! 

Josey's Mountain, Children of the Horse; Snow Fire's Journey and One Hundred Horses all landed on Amazon's best sellers list for Native romance.  Thank you, readers.  The final book three of the Children series will be started as soon as I wrap up the pirate tale. 

Where Hav…

Whiskey's Women is FREE today on April 5

Grab your copy of my fun short  western, Whiskey's Women.  Free today only.  Reviews are appreciated and downright awesome on your part.  :)

New Cover and Title for an old favorite.

Seducing His Senator is getting a make over.  New title and cover.  I had my reasons, and let's just say that the title was turning people off. It seemed to suggest a political romance rather than what it truly is, which is a steamy contemporary.  So that being the case, Solstice Publishing and I are giving it a fresh look and title.  

  So here it is,  I love this couple as they are much like the couple on the old cover.  Here's Protecting Arizona.  I LOVE this.  Thank you, Solstice.

My Romantic Comedy, The Pin Up Artist

Good Monday Morning,
  I was going through the list of titles and I realized that I've been so busy that I don't often talk about the Pin Up Artist.

  What a gem of a book.  There's a cast characters that I immediately fell in love with upon their conception. 

Ginger Garrett- I think we can all relate to still being in a dead end job long after  we probably should. The novelty of being a BBQ waitress died long ago, along with her love life.  This poor girl has a penchant for terrible choices in men. But her heart is huge, and you'll learn that its due to her crazy mother  that keeps her on her toes.  So when she falls for the sane, all grown up, Court McClure, you just gotta hold your breath wondering if opposites will attract long term. But she's also suspicious of him, and she comes to some hilarious conclusions.

Court McClure-  Sigh,  so swoon worthy.  He's like the lion in the jungle.  But poor Court.  He's approaching middle age and is feelin' it…

Teaser Tuesday on the blog #ManuscriptMatch The Crowned Raven.

Good Tuesday, everyone. 

I thought I'd share a bit of what I'm working on for Harlequin's Manuscript Match contest.  This has been my favorite contest with Harlequin thus far. I mean, we are all writing together, and have open communication with editors while we do it, via their community web pages. Talk about service!  I'm excited and grow even more so as this story develops. 

Here's a snippet *unedited*

"And so the raven flies here nor there, lavishing his freedom without regard, while the dove obediently listens to her heart and brings forth the olive branch of hope."

He carefully laid Miss Paloma on the deck of his ship whereas she immediately curled herself into a ball, tears falling down the side of her cheeks. The smell of scorched wood carried by the smoke of the Maria burned his nostrils and his eyes. It was not part of his plan.
"Put the fire out on that cutter! Today, is not Overmort’s day to die!" he shouted to two men who had ran…

A new project on the desk! It has nothing to do with horses or cowboys. What?

I'm taking the plunge into the icy waters of the Atlantic. I'm taking a break from the wild west to conquer the wild seas.  My new project, "Black Raven, White Dove," will be my longest to date.  A fierce romance based on betrayal, layered with inspiration, where the passion might be behind doors on the page,but well felt within the reader. 

I found this photo on Pinterest. Deviant Art.  I'd love to have a cover close to this.  

Here's a small , unedited excerpt from Black Raven, White Dove.

"Do I look handsome?"
His question rushed blood to her cheeks. She’d always found Patrick pleasant, but not overly handsome…until now. She realized some of her giddiness was due to the strong current flowing between them.  And his nerve! She had no idea he could be so brave in the face of all these people, especially Overmort!
"Devastatingly. I just wished you would have shown up sooner. I was about to jump overboard."
Patrick nodded absently, h…

Release Day for Whiskey's Women!

We made it!  Come take a journey with me back to the early 1800s to the Arizona Territory where three, maybe four women take it upon themselves to seek revenge against their shared lover's killer. The women and the west are wild in this novella.   It's a quick page turner that I had so much fun with.  I think, if ever I could jump into a book and live there, this one would be it. Elle
Click here for Amazon link and blurb

What's Next On My Desk

I'm like a little kid in a candy store. I've embarked on a new project that while definitely have some romance elements and maybe even enough to satisfy the hard core  romantic reader, this story is in fact a true western.  There are many points of view so the fabric of what you're used to will change, but  I'm thrilled about this story, and  it's chugging along at such a nice pace, that I am enjoying writing it.    

Here's a blurb.  I have no idea when this should be done...I guess I'll be surprised along with everyone else. 
                                        Whiskey's Women                                          by Elle Marlow copywrite protected @2015                                                                  author Elle Marlow                                                        No part may be copied or used without consent Blurb; When three women living in the Arizona territory learn of the death of the famed gambler and ladies’ ma…

A few updates to share.

Good Monday Morning. 

I trust you are all well and bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to conquer your week?  Me either. :)    

Okay, today is the LAST day to download Where Have All The Cowboys Gone for 99cents.  At least for awhile.  So grab your copy while you can, but as always, it will be free on the Kindle Unlimited program.  

Also, if you have a moment to spare,  Seducing His Senator and Where Have All The Cowboys Gone are up for reader's votes on the Preditor and Editor poll.   You can vote here and will have to confirm with your email.    High On The Mountain is holding strong in Romance Short Story, but I'd love support there too.

I started working on my next entry for SYTYCW which, if it goes the same as last year, means that the story will be up on Wattpad sometime in July.  The working title is Eight Seconds To Vegas and it's probably headed for Blaze.  For the last thre…

Celebrate With Me and win a chance at a Dream Catcher!

The new year is starting off with a win!   My western/native romances are topping the charts! Be the first person who can correctly guess what these numbers stand for and win a Native American Dream Catcher.  *I'll give you a hint, they mean my dreams have come true on Amazon *  

                                                                     31,34,51,68, 93
 Make a guess!