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Santa brought dirty ducks.

So many things to tell you about this Monday.  Like many of you, I've been busy trying to get all my Christmas ducks in a row. I had no idea what this would really mean...

  I've almost made myself sick trying to make sure I  please the masses of my family.  That's not what this special holiday is about, but we all fall for the trappings of commercialism and good ole guilt.  (Guilt, oh how I flipping hate you.) 
  Anyway, last night we went to a beautiful Christmas party and Santa was there handing out gifts.  This dude was the real deal. I've never seen a better Santa.  Only he gifted my eight year old daughter boxing gloves.  (Okay, so yes, I supplied the gloves for  both daughter and son) Well, all the other girls got Barbies, stuffed toys, make up.  It crushed her. She cried her little heart out to the ducks. (this party took place on a small farm and I found her crying to ducks)  I almost died of guilt.  Ran right to the store after the party and bought stuff…

Children of the Horse, Quiet Earth early release on Amazon

Finally, and thank you for being patient with me.  The continuation of Snow Fire's journey is here!  This is a short, 13k novella that takes us further into Erin's life as Snow Fire, wife to the passionate Cheyenne chief.   This story ends on a cliff hanger, don't hate me, but sometimes it's fun to leave you on the edge of your seat.  This is an angsty little read that I hope you enjoy.

The Last Laugh. "Can you please identify your turkey?" Win a book!

Happy Tuesday.  My husband calls me often from his office and for some reason, today he brings up an age old debate that has gone on for several years in our house.   The Frozen Turkey dilemma.  Well, I figured I'd bring the debate to my readers and get your opinion on who was right and wrong. 

We were driving home and spot a large white object in the road.  I get out and pick up a fully frozen, still wrapped Butterball turkey.  A big sucker and pricey too.  I get in the car with this thing, giggling because its not every day you find your road kill already cleaned, packaged and ready to eat. Hubby looks at this bird and enthusiastically declares that he doesn't have to go buy us one for Thanksgiving now. 

Like hell.  I'm NOT  chancing cooking a turkey that I  have no idea where it came from, how it got in the road etc, etc...  oh, we playfully argue over this for some time.  He insist it fell out of a car or truck or some poor soul put it on a roof like a forgotten can …

Cyber Monday Deals for Elle Marlow Books.

The holidays are sneaky aren't they?  Suddenly we find ourselves smack dab in the thick of things.  For Cyber Monday,  Seducing His Senator will be FREE and my new release, Where Have All The Cowboys Gone will be 1.99.  Have fun and stay warm and safe!!

UK! You made One Hundred Horses number one in Native Literature. Thank You.

Thank you so much!  One Hundred Horses now gets to join Josey's Mountain and Children of the Horse as an official number one best seller.     *they brag to each other *   

Here's a bit of backstory about this novel. 
I wrote it  over sixteen years ago while most of my babies were very small.  It  was sent off to Lovespell   the old fashioned snail mail way and I waited a year but eventually got the rejection. 
 Fast forward to  2013 and with the encouragement of author, F.J. Thomas and the help of Solstice Publishing, not to forget Gina Hagetorn and the girls of the Flash group,  I cleaned up a few  things and it became published.  

So happy for Grey Fox and the woman who healed his heart, Sarah Cashion. 

This Holiday Season All I Really Need Is You.

You know, with all that's going on in our world, I'm not much in the mood to talk about books.  Instead, let's do this.  Let's use the events over the past several days to inspire and motivate us to really get pro active with our families, our loved ones.  Make a point not to just say, "I Love You," but also WHY you love them.  Point out what makes you proud, what brings you joy.  We cannot erase history but we can learn from it.  We can stand tall and look evil in the eye and we can love. 

I'm not here to debate Thanksgiving and what it means for all Americans, except now maybe we shouldn't dwell on semantics of the holiday and instead focus on the power of gratitude.  Be thankful, be grateful. There is always something you can be thankful for even in the worst of times.  Believe it or not, the moment you acknowledge this, you become stronger inside. 

Since many of us are shopping for turkeys and checking out the sales ads, stop, look around, hug y…

It's Release Day!!

Where Have All The Cowboys Gone is officially up and for sale on Amazon!  Woot Woot!
This is a sister novel to Josey's Mountain but is absolutely a stand alone novel.  High emotions, deep in conflict and passion.  I'm so excited to share this story with you.

"She used me for my money and I used every damned bottle in Ft. Davis."

Heir to a Texas dynasty, rancher Hayden Courtland has everything except children. He'd planned on having that family with his beautiful Navajo wife, but she crushed his dreams to chase hers in Hollywood. There's not enough whiskey in Texas to numb the pain, especially when she walks through his door...

Actress Alana Marlow desperately wants to right a terrible wrong. But she's haunted by the past and targeted by one man's obsession. She'll have to fight them both if she wants to win back her Cowboy's trust and protect the one thing he always wanted

Amazon Buy Link

Cover Reveal and Title Change

I'm a little giddy. Today I get to reveal the cover and new title for my latest release.  This will be avail the week of 11/9 on Amazon.   A sister novel to the wildly popular Josey's Mountain, "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone" continues on the with the Marlow family saga.   

Heir to a Texas dynasty, rancher Hayden Courtland has everything except children. He'd planned on having that family with his beautiful Navajo wife, but she crushed his dreams to chase hers in Hollywood. There's not enough whiskey in Texas to numb the pain, especially when she walks through his door... Actress Alana Marlow desperately wants to right a terrible wrong. But she's haunted by the past and targeted by one man's obsession. She'll have to fight them both if she wants to win back her Cowboy's trust and protect the one thing he always wanted. "Incredible read. Full of passion and angst. I either held my breath or cried. The way Elle Marlow develops characters, …

You're taller than me...happy now?

I have the BEST friends/family/readers in the world.  I really do.  Thank you for the tons of messages offering condolences for my recent rejection by my now ex boyfriend, Harley Quinn.  Several of you who've read the manuscript made a similar observation that got me to thinking...

"Elle, maybe you were rejected because your stuff is too gritty and real."

HMMPH.  Psssh. Nah, huh?  Really? Damn.
Okay, okay, don’t worry, I definitely didn’t invite you to my blog so I can cry about  the rejection. I mean, that’s not even news, is it? A writer sends something to a fancy publisher and they send it back. Thanks but no thanks. Happens every day, why get all worked up over it?

But we do get worked up. Why?

It kind of reminds me of when people go swimming in the ocean and they get all upset when one of them get swallowed by a shark. "Hey, what’s that shark doing in Florida?" Or, when hikers attempt to enjoy their Sunday on a mountain and then get pissy when a rat…

Building friendships and Thank You.

Wow, I can't  believe we are already heading into mid October.  My time these days has been well spent hanging out on Twitter and other social outlets getting to know some great authors from the Harlequin Sytycw15 event.
  Now wouldn't you expect in a competition like this for the claws to come out?  Not in this group of fine writers. Good will, well wishes, and a general sense of true kinship abound.  It really has helped restore my love for the craft.
  I don't know how my entry, Protecting the Cowboy's Baby is going to finish out, but we have definitely had some help along the way.  I'd really like to thank a few people. 

Sherri Skanes author of For Love, For Honor for creating all my beautiful Memes for promotion.  See bottom of the post.

C.A. Speakman for the cover. Her covers are so pretty, she makes me want to self pub.  She's so good.

Chris Buono whom out of the blue, surprised me with his many retweets and notes of encouragement. I love i…

We made it! Now I need your help!

My western romance needs votes to advance to the top 25 in Harlequins Think You Can Write contest.  You need a Wattpad account, but I'd appreciate the votes immensely. ~Elle

Mondays Are For Wattpad

Darn it, I was having a great weekend. The weather in Southern Arizona is beginning to enjoy the first tendrils of Autumn.  I enjoyed a good haunted house, ate good food, drank margaritas at Old Tucson Studios and just had a hell of a good time.  Then came Monday.    
 Currently, Protecting the Cowboy's Baby, my Harlequin So You Think You Can Write entry, has enjoyed over four thousand reads, plenty of votes and positive comments, and sometime this week we will know if it makes the  top fifty, whereupon Wattpad users will have the power to vote their favorites into the top twenty five...  If you haven't joined Wattpad, you should.  There are some really, really great stories by talented authors there.  Plus, it's a good way to interact with the writer and voice your opinion even as the work is being written.   Two of my favorites are;

I'm in love with an invisible man.   Also a Sytycw entry,  I couldn't stop reading it. 
Zac Baggins fan fic, you got mail.  Funny…

A new book is like flying a kite.

When's the last time you tried to fly a kite? You either stand there and wait for the wind, or you run like hell hoping you'll catch a draft so you can watch this simple thing soar in the sky.  That's sort of  the way I think about the launch of a new book.  Some authors spend months, years even to churn out  the perfect work of literature and  then when its time to fly, they just stand there.  Some authors can't wait for the serendipitous wind and they run until the air sears in their lungs hoping to hit the best seller status within days. 
  I guess I'm the second person.  I'll promote until my fingers bleed and get discouraged when my kite fails to take off.    Yes, I get discouraged, but I'm a fighter. 
  I recently had a conversation with an author contracted by one of the big six publishers. Now you'd  think that it meant automatic sales. Nope. She works very hard doing the same things I do and getting about the same results.  It doesn't matt…

Happy Release Day! My Rom Com Novella, High on the Mountain is avail now.

Amazon Buy Link

Woo hoo!  Here we go!  Take your journey to small town Alaska and right into the romantic antics of Trooper Missy Monroe and the town hunk, Pepper Lawson!

So You Think You Can Write Harlequins contest.

Good Monday morning, readers and sisters and brothers of the pen.

Today is the last day for us hearty souls to enter Harlequins writing contest.  This is a big deal.  A two book contract with the leading publisher in romance.
  I wondered about entering this year, but knew I wouldn't want to miss out.   What an opportunity to get work in front of an editor.  But I realized the real prize may not be the actual contract.  The real prize is the attempt. Why? Because in my effort to make my manuscript shine to the best of my ability, I've learned a few more things about my craft.  I can see growth, and feel  a new understanding for the art.  Something I will carry with me in all future manuscripts.  For that alone, it's worth it. 
Good luck to all the authors, I'm cheering for us all.  October  7 is going to take forever to get here! 
Cheers!  Elle Click to read my entry, Protecting the Cowboy's Baby    
P.S.  I've started a chat about this topic on the Club Ca…

Cover Reveal!

High on the Mountain received the cover  today.  This hilarious new romantic comedy will have you wanting to move to Alaska and find your own High.

The animals aren't the only thing wild in Alaska...
Missy Monroe and Pepper Lawson have a problem. She traded his engagement ring for a badge. She might patrol the town, but Pepper’s wealth and charm rules it. So when wildlife begins to disrupt the quirky residents of Timber Valley, Missy thinks there’s more to it than hungry bears in search of baked goods. Their trail of bakery crumbs lead her straight to Pepper’s Christmas Tree Farm and right into his arms. She always wanted to cuff the man—but not arrest him.

To get close, to find the answers, Missy might have to get High on the Mountain.

High on the Mountain a new hilarious novella coming soon!

When a reader tells you it's so funny, they farted...damn, but that's a good review. Another said; "This is like Northern Exposure on Viagra and Steroids. The sex was hot/quirky and the plot err the POT was amazing."
Missy Monroe and Pepper Lawson have a problem. She traded his engagement ring for a badge. She might patrol the town, but Pepper’s wealth and charm rules it. So when wildlife begins to disrupt the quirky residents of Timber Valley, Missy thinks there’s mor...e to it than hungry bears in search of baked goods. Their trail of bread crumbs lead her straight to Pepper’s Christmas Tree Farm and right into his arms.
The animals aren't the only thing getting wild in Timber Valley.
To get close, to find the answers. Missy might have to get High on the Mountain.
Avail in the fall of 2015 on Amazon

The Elite blog is excited for our friend and author, Susanne Matthews. Her fabulous book, Echoes of the Past received a new look and has been re-released on Amazon. This is an exciting novel featuring a Native heroine.  The blurb is below and the book is avail on Amazon.

Born Mohawk, raised white, forensic pathologist, Michelle Thomas is trapped between two worlds—this one and the spirit world where the ghosts of those who’ve drowned speak to her. Haunted by crippling nightmares of her own drowning death and erotic dreams of a phantom lover, she strives to make sense of her life. When two suspicious deaths occur at the Lake of the Mountain Resort, she’s sent to investigate. She’ll face the greatest challenge of her career when her past and her present collide. One of these men is her future, but which one—the rich and powerful Mayor Ron Davies, or Tony Steele, the hydrology professor who may be responsible for his students’ deaths? Charged by the spirits of her Mohawk ancestors to at…

Stay neutral or jump in the fire?

Happy Monday.
  There sure is a lot going on in our world these days, isn't there?  So much to be grateful for as an American and so much controversy that its pretty hard to see the truth and gain any sort of healthy perspective. 
  Most people know I'm a bit of a loud mouth when it comes to politics and I've been warned that I should keep it shut as an author.  I was told that I might offend someone and lose sales. 
  For awhile, I did that.  I fought to ignore all those political memes and hot topics because I was worried I was going to derail my readers. 
  BUT.  Doesn't it seem to you that everyone is becoming offended by just about everything these days?  I have two words;  GROW UP.    This whole live and let live motto is only useful if you are living along the lines that  pleases the masses.   Hell, I can't do that no matter how much I'd love to be popular with everyone. 
  So what's the right choice?  I can only do what's best for me, and ch…

Come and share my fire.

Good Monday morning!
Please join me around my fire and help yourself to the pipe, the drink, and relax for a spell.

  Guess what I did most of the weekend?  I worried.  What did I worry over?  Well, I noticed a few sales of my very early published works and I started to get all gut tied inside because I remembered how I struggled to put words to paper in such a way that you folks would understand them.
  I worried that maybe I should remove those books.  After all, there are grammar mistakes, maybe a few plot holes, maybe, just maybe it would read like I wrote them using my feet. 
   Then I decided NOPE THEY STAY.  Why?  Because, I'm hoping by this time next year I'll think the same way about the stuff I am currently publishing.  I'm hoping that my craft continues to improve. 
  Will I lose readership because the words are not perfectly written?  I don't know. If life itself was perfect, I'd be sitting around a fire with a long pipe and recalling tales of humor…

Here is the blurb and a first chapter sample for the soon to be released romance. Make sure to vote in the poll above.

Heir to a Texas dynasty, Rancher Hayden Courtland had everything but children. He’d hoped to have that family with his beautiful Comanche wife, but she traded Texas Cattle for Hollywood glamour a year ago, and he hadn’t seen her since.

Native American actress Alana Austin should have never run from her hometown cowboy. Now she’s back to right the wrong—if only Hayden would let her.

As Alana and Hayden struggle with the past and one man’s dark obsession, they find a second chance at love. Hayden is not an actor, but will he step into the role of daddy?
Chapter One 

"I can’t believe you came back. Get the hell out!"

Sucking in her breath so hard it hurt, Alana spun to see what at first glance, appeared to be a stranger standing in the shadows. Her hand flew to her chest, the air twirling in her throat to rush painfully out her lungs. If it were not for his familiar voice, she would’ve turned and ran. But when Hayden stepped into the light, her heart squeezed as she struggled…

My Knight In Not-So-Shiny-Armor

Well, look what I found at the cutest little antique shop in Show-Low Arizona.  I could kick myself for not catching the name of the place because the owners, a husband and wife team were incredibly kind and their business charming as hell. 

I was surprised to see this guy, standing still on guard watching over the treasures and I had to capture a photo. 

He reminded me that Heroes are more interesting if you scruff them up a little bit.  Give them flaws and bumps and bruises.  I'd rather have a Knight in not  so shiny armor anyway.   Wouldn't you? 

In my current project, "Protecting the Cowboy's Baby," Hayden is dealing with a drinking problem, trust issues and a sharp tongue.  Hopefully Alana's love will put him on the right path and they will find their 'happy ever after.'   

BTW, had a wonderful time in Show-Low.  I could easily imagine us pulling stakes and moving there someday.  I hope to visit this guy and his lovely owners again soon. 


Amazing Arizona Perfect Inspiration.

Arizona is truly an amazing place.  Tucson in particular has a unique gift of sprawling out around Mt. Lemon.   It is the only place in the world where a traveler can start out in the Sonoran Desert with all its Saguaro cactus glory and  in  30 minutes and a drive straight up, you'll find yourself right into the Aspens and at over 8 thousand feet.  It's breathtaking and was the perfect place to spend with the kids.
 We fished, hiked and ate.  Then we found ourselves on the ski lifts enjoying a grassy, wonderful view of not only Mt. Lemon but the entire Tucson area.
  It did me good to see the kids away from the video games and engaging in real life activities.  I think my favorite part of our trip was watching my husband pick up other people's trash on the trail.  Way to go dad.  Pretty soon, the kids joined us and we left nature a little cleaner than when we got there. 
 If you have a chance this summer, get out and enjoy your special part of America.  I'd love to s…

Summer books a One Hundred Horses/Seducing His Senator announcement

After some careful debating on vacation ideas, we decided to take the crew to Show Low, Arizona to take part in a fishing tournament, book into a casino hotel, etc, etc.   This will be great for the writer in me.  Josey's Mountain was written about  the surrounding area and I can't wait to visit and once again get a feel for the place. 
   I  then started to wonder about what people like to read over the summer?  Romances?  Thrillers?  What is a good beach  read to you?   Personally, I am a big fan of Evanovich Plum series.  I think I've read them all. 
 What will you be reading and what books really scream out Summer Reads to you?

In other news,  One Hundred Horses and Seducing His Senator both go on Kindle Countdowns this week.  You have a narrow window in which you can pick up each for 99cents. 

         Until next time, Elle  xoxoxo

I'm very excited to feature Western Author Tell Cotten to the Elite Blog.

Author Tell Cotten Born in West Texas, Tell Cotten is a seventh generation Texan. He comes from a family with a ranching heritage and is a member of the Sons of the Republic of Texas. He is currently in the cattle business, and he resides in West Texas with his wife, Andi, and their two children.
Tell is the award-winning author of The Landon Saga. His novels have won Gold and Silver in the Readers' Favorite awards, and Tell also won Best New Western in the Laramie Awards and bronze in the Global ebook awards for CONFESSIONS OF A GUNFIGHTER This western author has six best selling titles under his belt. A true western story teller that will capture your heart and imagination.  Today we are going to focus on Entwined Paths Texas, 1872
When a stagecoach is robbed, two men are killed and young woman is kidnapped. Soon after, Yancy and Cooper Landon find themselves pursuing them.

Meanwhile, their old foe Lee Mattingly has his own problems. Betrayed by his partners, Lee sets out…

Get to know the cast of Seducing His Senator

This is something new.  I thought it might be interesting to talk about the characters of one of my books and see if we find out what makes them tick, what makes this book so special and different from the others.  

Let's start with the Senator herself, Vivian Le Masters.

She's older than your typical romance protagonist.  She's thirty six, accomplished, savvy and articulate. But there is something missing in her life.  Love.  Not just a romantic relationship, but love in general.  The lack of love and being part of a family unit has made her feel isolated even though she is usually found speaking to crowds or giving speeches.  This makes her especially vulnerable and her high position makes her extremely selective.  So much so, that she doesn't even attempt to find love at all.  And, since the atmosphere in DC and in Arizona is so quick to point fingers, she's scared of becoming a tabloid headline. 

Brock Barone-Rancher

Brock has all kinds responsibilities that…

Welcome Susanne Matthews. She's here to talk about her latest novel, The White Carnation.

Susanne, we are so excited you stopped by today to talk about this exciting new release.  I've been looking it over and there's no doubt, that this book has all the elements of a best seller.

Here is the blurb;

The last person disgraced reporter Faye Lewis wants back in her life is Detective Rob Halliday, the man she blames for ruining her career and breaking her heart. But when she finds an old friend murdered, he’s the one she calls.
 For the past year, Rob and his team have been hunting the Harvester, a serial killer who ritualistically murders new mothers and vanishes with their infants. What Rob doesn’t need is another case, especially one involving his ex-fiancĂ©e.
 Then Faye is assaulted, and Rob realizes the cases are connected. She may hold the answers he needs to find the elusive killer. But the more they investigate, the more complex the situation becomes. Can they set the past aside and work together, or will the Harvester and his followers reap another prize?


Solstice Publishing and I are sharing our One Year Anniversary!

It's hard to believe that a year has passed since I thought I might be finished as a published author.  Let me explain;
  I wrote and sold three books to a small publishing house that for all the world looked and felt like the real deal.  But it wasn't, not by a long shot.   My second book became a big Amazon best seller and for a new author the thrill was amazing until I realized I wasn't going to see a dime of royalties.  Yep, the publisher took it and ran and closed down on me and other hardworking men and women who thought we had a good thing going. 

Enter Solstice Publishing.  What can I say?  This publishing company should have a company logo of a red cape, or a golden halo.   Without question, they picked up all my old contracts, and had me back on the market within a matter of weeks.   Talk about an author being relieved and grateful.  I was that and more. 

In my hand, not yet published was my full length novel that at the last minute got shelved by Harlequin.…

It's getting HOT in here! Get to know The Pin-Up Artist and Top Brass

Two of my hotter romances just got a face-lift recently.  Top Brass  and The Pin Up Artist are now heating up the place.   I'm very grateful to C.A. Speakman, owner and operator down at for designing a new smoldering look for two of my earliest works.  

The Pin-Up Artist is a romantic comedy with a definite mystery surrounding the fires taking place at a small beach side town in Florida.  But it's not only the fires making things hot.  The fire Captain and the spunky waitress do a good job of it as they come together to solve the crimes of Gold Coast Florida.  There are awesome secondary characters, such as "Ma" who is just crazy as hell as she feeds pancakes to the K9 cop and then gets herself in a heap of trouble with the bad guys.   This book has four five star ratings. 
The downside---It never went to an editor.  Have fun finding my typos.  However, you will laugh.  That's a guarantee.  1.99 kindle full category length romance…

It's all about YOU

Did you know that everything around you, everything you see, all your friends, your home and your pets all began with a thought?  You had a notion and then you took that and created your own reality.  So yes, good or bad, it's all your fault.  But wait!  That's not very nice, Elle!  Well, no, but if you created this reality, you can create another. How?   With thought.  If you keep thinking in negatives..."Oh, nobody is going to like this book.  I don't have a chance in hell...."  THATS WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO GET.    "Nobody likes me.  I'm too mean, to forward, too wimpy, too fat, too skinny.  I have acne."   YEAH, THEY WILL ALL THINK THIS AND HAND YOU SOME FACE CREAM.   
  Do you really want to succeed?  Really and truly want to see fruits of your labor?  LIVE THE DREAM.  Start right now.  Begin with your thoughts.   Keep it simple, light and fun.  Keep your thought process positive always.   I promise, changes will occur to make those thoughts …

Grab your free copy of Top Brass!

For the next few days, Top Brass Cowboy Heat Series Book One is FREE!  Yay!!!  Make sure to read the second book in that series, Seducing His Senator at a special promo price.   By Monday, all will return to normal. 

Have fun and happy reading!

Build your library and make it pretty.

Writers, I don't know where I read this advice, but I'm passing it along, because I think it's a good one. 
  Plan your library of books.  So, you've got one or two out there and of course, there will be more. Don't worry about sales early in your career.   One or two books isn't enough bait in the big lake of readers.  Build your library.   Here's something else,  PLAN AHEAD.  Get yourself really familiar with your target audience and then figure out a brand.  Work with a cover artist NOW and decide, just what common thread you're going to weave on all you covers that a reader is going to recognize as uniquely you.
  I followed the advice of building a library. I wrote and wrote and wrote... but I didn't pay attention to branding. *sigh*  It's never too late, so now I'm going to start.   To know what I'm talking about, I'll use Cora Seton for an example.  If you check her covers out on Amazon, you'll see beautiful, eye catching…

Listen in as the boys at KJZZ have a little fun with me and Seducing His Senator

Make sure to click on the upper left podcast to hear this funny and oh, so fun interview.

Pour Me is FREE this week only!

Grab your copy of this two hour romance.  A contemporary western/sweet romance about Carly, a struggling divorced bartender and Cade, a single dad of a feisty little girl in search of a new mom.  A reader favorite!

Click here for a FREE copy!

Bringing up baby and oh baby I'm going to be famous.

Releasing a new book is always exciting.  It's full of hopes and dreams and expectations of greatness.  As an author, you might find yourself refreshing the Amazon sale page every few minutes, foaming at the mouth waiting for your ship to come in.  Because, hey.  Obviously, you just wrote that elusive, never explained, "Great American Novel" and the readers are going to burn a path right to your door. 

Then, depending on your outlook, goals and how full your wine glass might be, reality sets in.  It's still work.  You still have to flick on your neon sign and say, "Hey, look over here!"   It's tough for almost every author I know since typically, most authors are shy little wallflowers.  Good thing for me I have big mouth.

I got to use it this week too when by some strange cosmic luck I was asked to be interviewed on a radio show.  KJZZ "The Show" in Phoenix called me and talked to me for a good thirty minutes about Seducing His Senator.   I…

Happy Book Release Day! "This Arizona Senator feels the heat when she's roped in by a rancher with a secret."

After a year of writing, waiting and wondering...Seducing His Senator finally makes it's debut today on Amazon and CreateSpace.  Ah, feels so good to let this one fly!  Fans of Josey's Mountain, Pour Me and Women of the Wild West series will especially become fans of our  hot couple, Vivian and Brock.  Grab your copy and let me know your thoughts!   Click for Seducing His Senator
Here's the blub;
Senator Vivian LeMasters is Arizona’s favorite and most talked-about politician. Her ethics and sexy charisma might win over the voters—but not the ‘establishment.’ They can’t wait to see her fall from her pedestal. She can’t risk her career for anything—even love.
Blackmailed into a plot to end Vivian’s career. Cowboy Brock Barone is supposed to wrap the young senator in a sex scandal—not fall in love. Now he has to choose; seduce her for love or betray her for money.
Phoenix gets hotter when the sun goes down.

Seducing His Senator cover and pre-order link! Yay! We finally did it!

Isn't this awesome?  A big shout out and thank you to C.A. Speakman and Pink Kink Ink for this beautiful cover.    Seducing is one book you don't want to miss.   Real to life characters drive this fast paced story of a young female senator as she is caught up in a sexy and dangerous scandal.   Betrayal is swift but not for the one you expect.   

Release date is March 17th

"This has got to be Marlow's best work yet.  I cried, laughed and held my breath.   Brock is the ultimate hero and Vivian could be my next door neighbor.  To put it simply, I loved this book!" 

Pre order link

Blurb from cover jacket

Senator Vivian LeMasters is Arizona’s favorite and most talked-about politician. Her ethics and sexy charisma might win over the voters—but not the ‘establishment.’ They ca…

Seducing His Senator Cover Reveal Tomorow!

Stop on in tomorrow for the cover reveal of my newest full length, steamy novel, Seducing His Senator.
  The first page is just the beginning of the hot and dangerous love story of Vivian and Brock!

Read for Free

Tawdry and Temptation, one of my first published works, is free on Kindle until Feb 28. 
Two romances in one book.  I think I've grown as a writer since, but the stories are fun and sexy.

Click for Tawdry & Temptation

Talk to me. How much do you really understand your character's motivation?

Well, I'm knee deep into Laying Down Her Law, and it dawned on me.  Who the hell are these people?  I mean,  I know a little, after all they are my creation.  However, much like the fact that you birth your children, you don't truly know their personalities until they get a little older. 
  That's what's happening, I'm 1/3 of the way through, and it dawns on me that I don't know who they are and where they want to go on a personal level. 

So yesterday, I interviewed them.  I asked them everything I could think of and I was left with a good character profile on each.  I want to know their every motivation, fear, joy and future goals.  

Now that I have a better idea who Pepper and Missy are;  how do I apply this?  I'm going to back to page one and see how I can build a character arc.   It's okay if in the beginning Missy rolls her eyes and taps her feet at Pepper's shenanigans but if she's still doing that by the end, I've failed her.  Sh…

Fridays, Awards and Interviews and I'm ready for the weekend!

Hurray for Josey's Mountain.  Top ten finisher for Best Romance.  That is some GREAT Friday news. 

Also, here is an awesome interview of my first year by the lovely ladies of For the Love of Books and Alcohol.  So fun.

Rodeo Days and Author inspiration

For me, going to the rodeo is a bit like going to the all you can eat buffet.  I mean the event is just dripping with inspiration for a hot western romance.  If you've never been to a real rodeo, I suggest you go.  Not just because of all the man candy or the pretty horses, but for the experience of a slice of Americana that seems to be getting smaller and smaller.  There's something truly unique and beautiful about the western lifestyle and the people in it.   Simple, hardcore, and so unrelenting American, that you just can't help but be proud and a little in awe.  
  I don't know who this fellow or his amazing horse is, but all by himself he chased down the bulls after the riders fell,  he roped and dragged animals bigger than him and his horse combined and put them back into the chutes. He didn't worry about the what ifs, the fact that his work seemed impossible to the observer, he just did his job and did it well.  If that's not America then I don't k…

Fan Foto Cowboy Style!

Now that made my day.  Fan?  Well, actually, it's my smarty pants son being his goofy-self.  I hope he didn't get to the hot pages.  Yikes!