Wednesday, March 29, 2017

An exciting new feature will soon be available just for my readers!

Get ready for the Romance Travel Vlog!
All year at random times (mostly due to budget and time,) I will be uploading quick one-minute or less video clips of myself at various locations through-out the state of Arizona.  I love my state and I want to show you first-hand places that I have wrote about, or will soon write about.  Come with me as I discuss my research, explore the unknown, and share some historical information with all of you.
Elle Marlow on Location will be up and running soon.  See you soon on that open road!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Children of the Horse, Many Faces is now available for PreOrder on Amazon

Finally.  The pre order for Many Faces is available on Amazon.  Order now, have it on your kindle on March 14th.  This is the final story of the three part series.  This includes an author's letter to the reader at the end. Thanks, everyone.  :)  Click here to pre order Many Faces

Monday, March 6, 2017

Cover Reveal for Children of the Horse; Many Faces. The final story of Snow Fire's Journey will be avail late March!

We are so close to having this final book 3 of this series available to the public. I am excited to show you this cover of a sunset which perfectly closes this amazing tale of Erin McConaha and how her life took her from her homeland of Ireland, all the way to the shores of the Platte River and then finally where she experiences the Apaches of the Arizona Territory and gets caught in the Apache wars. If Bear Talker is to find and save the love of his heart, he will sacrifice it all to ensure Snow Fire Journey last beyond the written pages. Expect this tile by the end of March on Amazon.

After the disappearance of his wife and child, Bear Talker’s spirit is broken as he begins the trek north to reunite his people with Raven Eye and the rest of the band.

Erin, (Snow Fire) believes she’s been taken too far for her husband to rescue her, and falls into desperation. Afraid for her child’s safety in an unknown world, she reluctantly surrenders to the soldiers. With them, she encounters ridicule, abuse and the unexpected affections of an army officer. 

Torn between duty and love, Officer, Douglas Wilder struggles with the decision to turn Erin over to the authorities for the murder of Liam Kern. That is, until he encounters an imposing Cheyenne chief whom claims responsibility not only for the murder, but also for the woman and child.

 All three will sacrifice all they hold dear in the ultimate display of love.

The journey of life will test even the bravest of souls, but the journey of the heart is the only worth taking.

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