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The Agony of Writing Historical Fiction Romance.

Ugh! Okay, I could be more creative with words, because UGH doesn't really cover how I feel at the moment, but I'm behaving myself.

First of all, I am currently knee-deep in research for a new Native Brides novella. I hadn't planned on a three book series, but the first two have made a significant splash, and so I decided I should write at least one more with the hopes of putting all three into a trilogy paperback.

But, back at the topic I originally set out to write.

Book 3, I have decided, ever since I physically walked along the grounds of The Camp Grant Massacre, will take place amongst this setting. Why I would try and write a romance during such a tragic time makes me wonder about my sanity. It is with the upmost hope that I do not offend, belittle, or downright upset the Apache Nation or anyone else who have lost, suffered, or somehow affiliate themselves into the tragic event that occurred along the San Pedro River 1871.

As an fiction author, you wouldn't thi…