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What's Next On My Desk

I'm like a little kid in a candy store. I've embarked on a new project that while definitely have some romance elements and maybe even enough to satisfy the hard core  romantic reader, this story is in fact a true western.  There are many points of view so the fabric of what you're used to will change, but  I'm thrilled about this story, and  it's chugging along at such a nice pace, that I am enjoying writing it.    

Here's a blurb.  I have no idea when this should be done...I guess I'll be surprised along with everyone else. 
                                        Whiskey's Women                                          by Elle Marlow copywrite protected @2015                                                                  author Elle Marlow                                                        No part may be copied or used without consent Blurb; When three women living in the Arizona territory learn of the death of the famed gambler and ladies’ ma…

A few updates to share.

Good Monday Morning. 

I trust you are all well and bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to conquer your week?  Me either. :)    

Okay, today is the LAST day to download Where Have All The Cowboys Gone for 99cents.  At least for awhile.  So grab your copy while you can, but as always, it will be free on the Kindle Unlimited program.  

Also, if you have a moment to spare,  Seducing His Senator and Where Have All The Cowboys Gone are up for reader's votes on the Preditor and Editor poll.   You can vote here and will have to confirm with your email.    High On The Mountain is holding strong in Romance Short Story, but I'd love support there too.

I started working on my next entry for SYTYCW which, if it goes the same as last year, means that the story will be up on Wattpad sometime in July.  The working title is Eight Seconds To Vegas and it's probably headed for Blaze.  For the last thre…

Celebrate With Me and win a chance at a Dream Catcher!

The new year is starting off with a win!   My western/native romances are topping the charts! Be the first person who can correctly guess what these numbers stand for and win a Native American Dream Catcher.  *I'll give you a hint, they mean my dreams have come true on Amazon *  

                                                                     31,34,51,68, 93
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