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Tombstone was a success and now we're heading to Sonoita!

Wow.  That's about as much as I can say about Tombstone. My book signing there went so well that I am already anxious to go back.  If you have never been to Tombstone, it is a MUST SEE.

Next, we will be at the Senoita Rodeo.  If you find me, make sure you grab a copy of Horses from Heaven.  This cowboy romance is of moderate heat, but its main focus is on the developing relationship between a retired bull rider and the town widow and her young son, Ty.  A highly rated novel on Amazon and Goodreads, its quickly becoming a reader favorite.

See you soon, Senoita!  Here's the link to our Tombstone On Location Vlog.

Hear Ye! Everyone gather around!

Waves enthusiastically hello! 
I can't keep the smile off my face and I wanted to update all of you on this weekend.  So, Saturday, August 12th, I will be sitting in front of Madame Mustache on Allen St. in Tombstone, Az. And then, on Sunday the 13th, my husband and I will be participating in a memorial walk for Bill Paxton and Powers Boothe.  The walk starts at the BirdCage Theatre and continues the length of Allen St.  There is a webcam if you scroll down my blog, I provided a link.  I hope you will all be watching and paying tribute to these great western actors. In Other News, The freebie weekend on my Christmas at the Ranch series was a big success and I truly appreciate you folks putting the series number one for short reads on Amazon.  I love you , and big fat, smooches from me to you.  Okay, so that's what's going on.  I am so excited about my trip to Tombstone I can't stand it.  Of course, we will be filming for our On Location Vlog, so stay tuned!