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Fridays, Awards and Interviews and I'm ready for the weekend!

Hurray for Josey's Mountain.  Top ten finisher for Best Romance.  That is some GREAT Friday news. 

Also, here is an awesome interview of my first year by the lovely ladies of For the Love of Books and Alcohol.  So fun.

Rodeo Days and Author inspiration

For me, going to the rodeo is a bit like going to the all you can eat buffet.  I mean the event is just dripping with inspiration for a hot western romance.  If you've never been to a real rodeo, I suggest you go.  Not just because of all the man candy or the pretty horses, but for the experience of a slice of Americana that seems to be getting smaller and smaller.  There's something truly unique and beautiful about the western lifestyle and the people in it.   Simple, hardcore, and so unrelenting American, that you just can't help but be proud and a little in awe.  
  I don't know who this fellow or his amazing horse is, but all by himself he chased down the bulls after the riders fell,  he roped and dragged animals bigger than him and his horse combined and put them back into the chutes. He didn't worry about the what ifs, the fact that his work seemed impossible to the observer, he just did his job and did it well.  If that's not America then I don't k…

Fan Foto Cowboy Style!

Now that made my day.  Fan?  Well, actually, it's my smarty pants son being his goofy-self.  I hope he didn't get to the hot pages.  Yikes!

Crafting a new story

Happy New Year! 
  I just completed two thousand words on my newest project and someone asked me where I start with my books.  I didn't think I had a set formula, but after some thought, I guess I do.
 I have no idea how other authors begin the long journey of crafting new story.  What a monumental task!  For me, I begin with an idea for a good conflict.  After all, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, so I try and think of something for our romantic couple to overcome.  I need a good external conflict and personal/emotional ones too.  This can be challenging because I'm pretty sure every angle had been covered already so I have to figure out how to make it my own.  (This is where sarcastic humor comes into play You have to go with your strengths, and let's face it.  I'm a smart ass.)
  Next, I try and discover the personality traits for our hero and heroine and how will those traits compliment each other and will those traits work well to overcome the conf…