Friday, December 26, 2014

A New Year and new opportunities.

Today sometimes feels like the hangover of a big year-long party.  There's a mess to clean up while we think about the next big event-New Years.  The older we get, more and more we're stunned at how fast time flies by and usually, we lament on the changes that have occurred over the last twelve months. 
 Be easy on yourselves. Life is a rough sport.  If you didn't do anything you set out to do the last year, well here comes a whole new opportunity to give those goals another shot. 
  I will be sitting down to finish book two of Children of the Horse.  It will focus on the village and cover some of the love story of Raven Eye and Bird Song while we watch the love of Snow Fire and Bear Talker continue to grow.   Hopefully, we will see the publishing of Seducing his Senator, a fast and very hot western contemporary.  By the end of the year I should also be starting on pages of some sort of sequel to Josey's Mountain. 
  These are the goals--let's see how much I can accomplish.
Have a blessed and very safe New Year.  Elle

Sunday, December 21, 2014

My daughter and Rice Krispies Cereal. Wow.

My seven year-old daughter is a fussy eater.  Really, a cute little pain in the butt when it comes to her food.  Not interested in the big ham and egg feast I made this morning she pouted in the kitchen until she saw the box of cereal meant for the marshmallow treats.  I pour her a small bowl because I didn't expect she'd eat it being such a picky person.  
 I give her the bowl...she brings it back to me staring at it with this perplexed look on her face.  I sigh.
"What's wrong now?"
"Mommy, it's making a fizzing noise, and jumping around in my bowl.  What's wrong with it?"
It didn't register in my mind at first but when it did, I howled with laughter. 
"That's what that cereal does...snap crackle and pop."   I am crying because I forgotten that at her age how could she know this?
She gives me this look like...WOW!!!!   Ate the whole damn bowl. 

Don't forget that life is all about the simple joys, the small discoveries and laughs.  It doesn't matter if you get nothing under the tree or a truckload.  The things of value cannot be purchased.

Merry Christmas everyone.  ~Elle

Monday, December 15, 2014

I lost a Christmas present

Writers are typically insane.  This time of the year just brings it out in spades.  I have a costly gift for my son that I hid so well that now I can't find it.  I've torn up everything, the closet, under the bed, behind the dresser.   I've been known to do this with money too.  I think in my last life I must have lived in a castle because I seem to hide my treasures behind art work, inside books etc etc.... But where the hell did I put this gift? 

Is this a mom thing, a me thing or a creative mind out of control thing? 

Meanwhile, Children of the Horse is going to be avail in print in a few days. I'm glad my work is all on Amazon, because then I can't lose it.

  I hope I find that gift before Christmas.  Ah, maybe by next Christmas?

Friday, December 12, 2014

Happy Release day!!! Excerpt from Children of the Horse

Bear Talker turned her away from the horses to carry her to the water then hesitated. “Do you want me to remove your shift?” Again, her face flushed. She wasn’t sure if this man had ever seen her naked, but she wasn’t ready for that now. His face was so close to hers she could feel his breath on her skin. “Nay, leave it be,” she replied in a slight quiver. Bear Talker shrugged a shoulder as he waded in.

 Erin noticed that in the little cove where he had taken them, they were surrounded by tiny pods of Cat-tails. The silk broke free from broken pods and floated like tiny dancers, swaying and lifting with the breeze before gently landing on the surface of the water. Becoming immersed in the beauty around her she momentarily forgot about her anxiety and sorrow. She continued to become fascinated by the pods that surfed both the air and the water, and wondered if she had seen this before with snowflakes. She sighed. Wherever she was, and with whom, she could not say, however she couldn’t imagine a more beautiful spot to be.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I think a Josey's Mountain or One Hundred Horses Coffee Mug means I've made it.

When you are blessed with a cool, innovated publisher like Solstice, occasionally they come up with some clever ideas.  Mine made Mugs with our books on them.  I love it.  Just don't tell the boss that my mug will often have more whiskey than coffee.   Depending on what kind of mood I'm in.  I'll really know Solstice loves me when they make me my own beer mug.  For now, this will do.  If you want to join me every morning with a cup of coffee you can order your mug at Tell them you're on the look out for Elle Marlow shot glasses too.  Oh they'll know, they'll know....

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