Friday, March 25, 2016

New Cover and Title for an old favorite.

  Seducing His Senator is getting a make over.  New title and cover.  I had my reasons, and let's just say that the title was turning people off. It seemed to suggest a political romance rather than what it truly is, which is a steamy contemporary.  So that being the case, Solstice Publishing and I are giving it a fresh look and title.  

  So here it is,  I love this couple as they are much like the couple on the old cover.  Here's Protecting Arizona.  I LOVE this.  Thank you, Solstice.


Monday, March 21, 2016

My Romantic Comedy, The Pin Up Artist

Good Monday Morning,
  I was going through the list of titles and I realized that I've been so busy that I don't often talk about the Pin Up Artist.

  What a gem of a book.  There's a cast characters that I immediately fell in love with upon their conception. 

Ginger Garrett- I think we can all relate to still being in a dead end job long after  we probably should. The novelty of being a BBQ waitress died long ago, along with her love life.  This poor girl has a penchant for terrible choices in men. But her heart is huge, and you'll learn that its due to her crazy mother  that keeps her on her toes.  So when she falls for the sane, all grown up, Court McClure, you just gotta hold your breath wondering if opposites will attract long term. But she's also suspicious of him, and she comes to some hilarious conclusions.

Court McClure-  Sigh,  so swoon worthy.  He's like the lion in the jungle.  But poor Court.  He's approaching middle age and is feelin' it, man. He isn't sure if he's still the loudest lion in the den when he's around all these younger firemen.  But Ginger only has eyes for him and he denies, denies, denies that he's falling for the BBQ waitress with the long sexy legs.   She's got serious trouble and he struggles with the idea of mixing business with pleasure.

Ma- This crazy lady will steal your heart and make you laugh with every line of the book.  Her  crazy antics drives this story and helps solve a crime.  We all need Ma in our lives.  Damn, I love her.  When she falls for the captain's dog, and sneaks him pancakes, its Lucille Ball comedy.

The conflict.
  Gold Coast is a sleepy Florida beach side town until mysterious fires break out.  Court arrives to take over the job as captain of the fire department.  As the mystery unravels, the fires burn, and Ginger, his  number one suspect,  sneaks her way into his heart.  But who is setting these fires and why?  And why is his dog getting fat meanwhile?

This is a full length novel for adults only because, dang, it gets HOT in Florida.
Amazon link for sample or purchase

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Teaser Tuesday on the blog #ManuscriptMatch The Crowned Raven.

Good Tuesday, everyone. 

I thought I'd share a bit of what I'm working on for Harlequin's Manuscript Match contest.  This has been my favorite contest with Harlequin thus far. I mean, we are all writing together, and have open communication with editors while we do it, via their community web pages. Talk about service!  I'm excited and grow even more so as this story develops. 

Here's a snippet *unedited*

"And so the raven flies here nor there, lavishing his freedom without regard, while the dove obediently listens to her heart and brings forth the olive branch of hope."

He carefully laid Miss Paloma on the deck of his ship whereas she immediately curled herself into a ball, tears falling down the side of her cheeks. The smell of scorched wood carried by the smoke of the Maria burned his nostrils and his eyes. It was not part of his plan.

"Put the fire out on that cutter! Today, is not Overmort’s day to die!" he shouted to two men who had ran up to assist.

"He never once looked my way. He only worried himself over his gold…" the girl sobbed. Stefan dropped to a knee to assure himself of her well-being. An incoherent, a strange mixture of words and grief poured from her lips even as her eyes remained closed. He nudged her shoulder then winced when swollen, terror filled eyes opened. The look she gave him, made him feel like Lucifer himself.

"Trully awful, loathsome, pirate…"
"Do you need assistance with the lass, captain?"

Stefan stood, unable to tear his gaze away from the girl, questioning the sanity of what he’d done. He nodded to Gully, "Take her to the Raven’s nest. She can recover inside the chamber. But lock it and guard the door. She is my prisoner."

Gully, well-built for such task, moved to lift Overmort’s daughter, but she awoke with a start, and immediately slapped his hand away.

"Don’t touch me, you mangy, disgusting dog." She spat, then scrambled herself backwards. Gully did nothing as the girl struggled to stand on her own. She managed to get her footing, taking several swipes at her face to remove
hair from her eyes, then stood her ground against them both.

"If you have captured me for ransom, pirate, you’ve obviously made a humorous, although somewhat sad mistake. My father cares not for me, but for his gold and diamonds. You have nothing in which to barter. He will care little, that you’ve captured me. What a terrible disappointment that must be for you."

Stefan momentarily lost his train of thought. He was impressed the girl had such fire in her, but her statement confused him. How could that be true? How could Overmort not be concerned for the welfare of his daughter? She lifted her chin, her disgust for him clearly written upon her features. While her spunk was admirable, he’d not put up with nonsense.

"Is that so? Then the man is a fool. You should be glad to be rid of him."

He turned to look at Overmort’s cutter, the fire had already been put out, and the vessel was now a floating dot upon the dark waters. He’ll test Miss Paloma’s words. He’ll find out for himself which Overmort values more.

"Hampton! There are cakes on that boat filled with the old man’s treasures. Take what you can, give nothing back!" Hampton hurried to his side while a grin shaped his face.

"Ah, I do have a bit of a sweet tooth, as you wish, Captain Ice."

"Captain Ice?" her voice repeated in disbelief.

He stooped himself into a bow.

"The pleasure is mine. Welcome aboard the Raven, Miss Paloma."

Golden eyes rolled into the back of her head as her knees buckled beneath her. Stefan rushed himself forward, arms out stretched. Overmort’s daughter fell straight into his arms.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A new project on the desk! It has nothing to do with horses or cowboys. What?

I'm taking the plunge into the icy waters of the Atlantic. I'm taking a break from the wild west to conquer the wild seas.  My new project, "Black Raven, White Dove," will be my longest to date.  A fierce romance based on betrayal, layered with inspiration, where the passion might be behind doors on the page,but well felt within the reader. 

I found this photo on Pinterest. Deviant Art.  I'd love to have a cover close to this.  

Here's a small , unedited excerpt from Black Raven, White Dove.

"Do I look handsome?"

His question rushed blood to her cheeks. She’d always found Patrick pleasant, but not overly handsome…until now. She realized some of her giddiness was due to the strong current flowing between them.  And his nerve! She had no idea he could be so brave in the face of all these people, especially Overmort!

"Devastatingly. I just wished you would have shown up sooner. I was about to jump overboard."

Patrick nodded absently, his gaze searching past the railing and out toward the sea. The sun was starting to set while the breeze lifting off the water carried an extra chill.  She shivered. He seemed preoccupied, now that she stopped with her laughing long enough to take notice.

Brown eyes. Bianca tilted her head trying in the fading light to make sure she wasn’t mistaken. Brown eyes behind the mask returned their attention to her. That’s when she fully looked upon his face. His expression changed just as she realized her mistake.

"You're not Patrick."

He raised an eye brow. The raven-dark hairs lifted above the material that he’d used to cover his face. It was too dark, so dark that it nearly shone purple in the waning light.

"If you care about your father at all, I suggest you do not scream."

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