Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Here is a sneak peak at my newest book, "The Gambler's Passion."    I LOVE this cover!  Thank you FrontPorchRomance!   Release date Feb 2nd.  Sold wherever you purchase for your E reader! 
Isn't it beautiful?  *Sigh*  I will have an official release and blog on Friday.

Beautiful Arizona Summers is determined to fulfill her mother's dying wish and realize her dreams - even if it means she has to dance at the tawdry Bare Backed Belles, cheat at high-stakes poker, or run from bullets with a man she's given her innocence to. She'd do it all, and over again, to find love and keep her promise.

Jace Forrester gets a thrill living a double life - preacher's son by day, card hustler by night. Always after the big win, he can’t resist Arizona’s ultimate challenge. He may lose more then he bargains for - his heart.


On Location Vlog is up on Youtube for Jerome, Az!

Woot! We just wrapped up our weekend in Jerome, Az. and our On Location Vlog is up and live on YouTube.  Click here to see Jerome, Az.     ...