Sunday, January 11, 2015

Rodeo Days and Author inspiration

For me, going to the rodeo is a bit like going to the all you can eat buffet.  I mean the event is just dripping with inspiration for a hot western romance.  If you've never been to a real rodeo, I suggest you go.  Not just because of all the man candy or the pretty horses, but for the experience of a slice of Americana that seems to be getting smaller and smaller.  There's something truly unique and beautiful about the western lifestyle and the people in it.   Simple, hardcore, and so unrelenting American, that you just can't help but be proud and a little in awe.  
  I don't know who this fellow or his amazing horse is, but all by himself he chased down the bulls after the riders fell,  he roped and dragged animals bigger than him and his horse combined and put them back into the chutes. He didn't worry about the what ifs, the fact that his work seemed impossible to the observer, he just did his job and did it well.  If that's not America then I don't know what is. 
  I think I need to make a team like that stars in a novel at some point.  What do you think?

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