Saturday, January 23, 2016

What's Next On My Desk

I'm like a little kid in a candy store. I've embarked on a new project that while definitely have some romance elements and maybe even enough to satisfy the hard core  romantic reader, this story is in fact a true western.  There are many points of view so the fabric of what you're used to will change, but  I'm thrilled about this story, and  it's chugging along at such a nice pace, that I am enjoying writing it.    

Here's a blurb.  I have no idea when this should be done...I guess I'll be surprised along with everyone else. 
                                        Whiskey's Women
                                         by Elle Marlow
                                        copywrite protected @2015
                                                                 author Elle Marlow
                                                       No part may be copied or used without consent
When three women living in the Arizona territory learn of the death of the famed gambler and ladies’ man Whiskey Logan, they each take it upon themselves to travel to his funeral believing that they are his only grieving widow. Their encounter over his dead body turns into a drunken brawl that ends with their un-holy alliance for revenge against his killer. Plotting revenge ain’t cheap, and since Whiskey left them with nothing but broken hearts and empty pockets, the women turn to breaking the law to become the first gang of lady outlaws in the territory. They learn to fight, love and shoot like men as struggle to forgive each other. Some will find the end of the bullet and others just can’t stop looking for the low down killer who took their last shot at Whiskey.

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