Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Crowned Raven update plus other news

Happy April 20th.  Isn't this supposed to be weed day or something?  My novella, High On the Mountain is the perfect novella if  you love to smoke, joke and get a little hot.  It's a steamy read that melts some of that Alaska snow. Pepper Lawson gives Hawk Marlow a run for the money in the hot hero department. 

My Harlequin entry, The Crowned Raven moved on to the final phase in the Manuscript Match contest!  I'm thrilled.  Between the wonderful editors at Harlequin and  Solstice, I'm a happy author nestled between two of my favorite publishers.   It feels good.  I need 42k more words to complete the exciting pirate romance, so if you don't hear from me, send tequila and tacos! 

Josey's Mountain, Children of the Horse; Snow Fire's Journey and One Hundred Horses all landed on Amazon's best sellers list for Native romance.  Thank you, readers.  The final book three of the Children series will be started as soon as I wrap up the pirate tale. 

Where Have All the Cowboys gone is on a promo discount price on Amazon for 99 cents until May.  Grab your copy and fall in love with Alana and Hayden.   Their reunion romance struggles through a painful past, but it only makes their happily ever after even sweeter. 

Seducing his Senator has been retitled to Protecting Arizona.  It also received a new cover.  Thank you, Coveture Covers and Solstice for catering to my whims.  This title will be free for one day on April   25th.

Have a blessed week everyone, I'm diving into that writing cave.  Elle 

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