Monday, May 30, 2016

Readers I need you!

I've decided to try my hand at a writing contest hosted by Target Stores. They have teamed up with Wattpad looking for the top ten modern day fairy tales based on the old myths. So I am knee deep writing about the old tale/myth of kiss a frog and get your prince! 

Read the story as it is written about Lilly, a feisty little waitress and Trenton Prince, the new and handsome diner owner with some really, quirky traits that keeps Lilly guessing.  Is he a prince or is he really a frog?  This is a fun short that will need your votes in the voting phase of the contest.  The top ten will be published in October in an anthology avail in all Targets! 

Read the story as it develops here

The voting phase is June 14-21 and you do that by clicking the star in the upper right corner for each part.   

PLUS I am really hoping for comments as I write to let me see this through your eyes.  

Let's have fun at Lilly's.  

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