Thursday, April 6, 2017

Hot new release for my contemporary western romance readers!

Horses from Heaven has made its debut on Amazon and it's rocking!  Here's the blurb, cover and links for my latest release that will be available in paperback very soon. 

I think, I fell in love with my own imaginary hero, Charlie Walters. Sigh.

After a tragic rodeo wreck leaves her a widow, Kendall barely has time to grieve. Instead, she finds herself standing between the horse and her father in-law’s rifle. He wants to even the score for the death of his son.
Her decision to protect Diablo exiles her from living at Rooster’s ranch, and makes her the target of gossip in their small town. Kendall has no choice but to take her son and Diablo to the only man who will rent her a home and work with Diablo; former bull-riding champion, Charlie Walters. 
Charlie’s career made him a legend, and then gave him a body held together with nuts and bolts. The only reason he hasn’t caved into self-pity is the herd of wild horses that wandered onto his recently acquired ranch. Heaven Ranch felt more like hell until they showed up and demanded his attention. Add that to the sudden appearance of the beautiful widow, Kendall Stanley and her young son, and he finally feels a purpose again.
Tending to Diablo, and standing up to Rooster Stanley’s threats is easy. Convincing Kendall that being a cowboy isn’t a death sentence and a sin, is hard. It’s going to take a herd of wild horses to get her to change her heart and her mind, because he’s fallen in love and wants to give her more than the world, he wants to give her Heaven.

I LOVED writing this story.  I could relate to the struggles and the eventual victories of the heroine, her son, and even Rooster.  I hope you will enjoy falling in love with Charlie Walters like I did. 

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