Friday, January 4, 2019

Cover Reveal and a sneak peek at Crawl, Larcena's Story.

After lots of deliberating, we have a cover and an inside look into Crawl, Larcena's Story.
This cover perfectly illustrates the real-life story of Larcena Pennington Page's account of her struggle for survival after she is captured by apache and left to die in the Arizona wilderness. A big thank you to Author and friend, R.C. Matthews for this beautiful work.

An inside unedited sample of Crawl, Larcena's Story.

 Johnny. Oh, god, Johnny!

“Take her shoes. Take her shoes and wear them,” the leader ordered. Suddenly she was shoved onto her back. Sharp gravel dug into her skin as two of the apaches lifted her legs and then yanked at the strings of her boots. There were a few more chuckles of laughter amongst them as they took turns tugging at her boots while simultaneously trying to sneak glances up her skirt. Larcena didn’t move, her husband’s image burning in her mind and causing more pain then anything these men could manage. But one man reached up and grasped her inner thigh in an attempt to yank at her stockings. She kicked that leg out, connecting her heel to his nose, sending him to stumble backwards. The other apache dropped her leg and unsheathed his knife. Four Feathers shouted something in apache, and her attackers ceased moving.

Disappointment etched their faces. Four Feathers took Mercedes away and as soon as Four Feathers was out of view, the men began to kick her ribs. The feeling of a cracked bone sent her to another place. There wasn’t much pain in this place, but there was an odd sensation of release. She retreated as far as she could go into this darkness as feet and sticks continued to assault her. They struck at her until her body rolled away from their reach. The rope loosened around her wrist and that’s when she realized she’d been cut free from the horse. One more blow to her sides and she found herself at the edge of a deep gorge. They were going to push her. She was going to die.

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