Monday, September 28, 2015

A new book is like flying a kite.

When's the last time you tried to fly a kite? You either stand there and wait for the wind, or you run like hell hoping you'll catch a draft so you can watch this simple thing soar in the sky.  That's sort of  the way I think about the launch of a new book.  Some authors spend months, years even to churn out  the perfect work of literature and  then when its time to fly, they just stand there.  Some authors can't wait for the serendipitous wind and they run until the air sears in their lungs hoping to hit the best seller status within days. 
  I guess I'm the second person.  I'll promote until my fingers bleed and get discouraged when my kite fails to take off.    Yes, I get discouraged, but I'm a fighter. 
  I recently had a conversation with an author contracted by one of the big six publishers. Now you'd  think that it meant automatic sales. Nope. She works very hard doing the same things I do and getting about the same results.  It doesn't matter who  you are, who you're published with. It all boils down to you, a good book and grit.
 So run baby run. Catch that wind.
  And maybe... you'll get some help from your community, friends and co authors.   and your work will fly.

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