Monday, September 21, 2015

So You Think You Can Write Harlequins contest.

Good Monday morning, readers and sisters and brothers of the pen.

Today is the last day for us hearty souls to enter Harlequins writing contest.  This is a big deal.  A two book contract with the leading publisher in romance.
  I wondered about entering this year, but knew I wouldn't want to miss out.   What an opportunity to get work in front of an editor.  But I realized the real prize may not be the actual contract.  The real prize is the attempt. Why? Because in my effort to make my manuscript shine to the best of my ability, I've learned a few more things about my craft.  I can see growth, and feel  a new understanding for the art.  Something I will carry with me in all future manuscripts.  For that alone, it's worth it. 
Good luck to all the authors, I'm cheering for us all.  October  7 is going to take forever to get here! 
Cheers!  Elle Click to read my entry, Protecting the Cowboy's Baby    
P.S.  I've started a chat about this topic on the Club CafĂ© community on Wattpad. Join me and other hopefuls there. Let's support one another. 

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