Monday, October 12, 2015

Building friendships and Thank You.

           Wow, I can't  believe we are already heading into mid October.  My time these days has been well spent hanging out on Twitter and other social outlets getting to know some great authors from the Harlequin Sytycw15 event.
  Now wouldn't you expect in a competition like this for the claws to come out?  Not in this group of fine writers. Good will, well wishes, and a general sense of true kinship abound.  It really has helped restore my love for the craft.
  I don't know how my entry, Protecting the Cowboy's Baby is going to finish out, but we have definitely had some help along the way.  I'd really like to thank a few people. 

Sherri Skanes author of For Love, For Honor for creating all my beautiful Memes for promotion.  See bottom of the post.

C.A. Speakman for the cover. Her covers are so pretty, she makes me want to self pub.  She's so good.

Chris Buono whom out of the blue, surprised me with his many retweets and notes of encouragement. I love it when a friend emerges from the mist wearing angel wings and a halo.

Fiona Marsden for the retweets.

R.C. Matthews who isn't  competitor this year, but would easily, if she wanted to.

Robyn Richards 

Mary Jane Campbell

 Eden S. Clark 

Fallon De Mornay

Liz Madrid

Crystal Wells

Jayne Evans

Susanne Matthews

KC Sprayberry

Tasha Taylor

F.J. Thomas. 

I know I've missed good folks, but I  heart all of you and am so happy to have gotten to know you.   

Good luck with the competition!!!!!    

You can find my entry here and vote on the Pitch.

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