Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A new project on the desk! It has nothing to do with horses or cowboys. What?

I'm taking the plunge into the icy waters of the Atlantic. I'm taking a break from the wild west to conquer the wild seas.  My new project, "Black Raven, White Dove," will be my longest to date.  A fierce romance based on betrayal, layered with inspiration, where the passion might be behind doors on the page,but well felt within the reader. 

I found this photo on Pinterest. Deviant Art.  I'd love to have a cover close to this.  

Here's a small , unedited excerpt from Black Raven, White Dove.

"Do I look handsome?"

His question rushed blood to her cheeks. She’d always found Patrick pleasant, but not overly handsome…until now. She realized some of her giddiness was due to the strong current flowing between them.  And his nerve! She had no idea he could be so brave in the face of all these people, especially Overmort!

"Devastatingly. I just wished you would have shown up sooner. I was about to jump overboard."

Patrick nodded absently, his gaze searching past the railing and out toward the sea. The sun was starting to set while the breeze lifting off the water carried an extra chill.  She shivered. He seemed preoccupied, now that she stopped with her laughing long enough to take notice.

Brown eyes. Bianca tilted her head trying in the fading light to make sure she wasn’t mistaken. Brown eyes behind the mask returned their attention to her. That’s when she fully looked upon his face. His expression changed just as she realized her mistake.

"You're not Patrick."

He raised an eye brow. The raven-dark hairs lifted above the material that he’d used to cover his face. It was too dark, so dark that it nearly shone purple in the waning light.

"If you care about your father at all, I suggest you do not scream."

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