Monday, March 21, 2016

My Romantic Comedy, The Pin Up Artist

Good Monday Morning,
  I was going through the list of titles and I realized that I've been so busy that I don't often talk about the Pin Up Artist.

  What a gem of a book.  There's a cast characters that I immediately fell in love with upon their conception. 

Ginger Garrett- I think we can all relate to still being in a dead end job long after  we probably should. The novelty of being a BBQ waitress died long ago, along with her love life.  This poor girl has a penchant for terrible choices in men. But her heart is huge, and you'll learn that its due to her crazy mother  that keeps her on her toes.  So when she falls for the sane, all grown up, Court McClure, you just gotta hold your breath wondering if opposites will attract long term. But she's also suspicious of him, and she comes to some hilarious conclusions.

Court McClure-  Sigh,  so swoon worthy.  He's like the lion in the jungle.  But poor Court.  He's approaching middle age and is feelin' it, man. He isn't sure if he's still the loudest lion in the den when he's around all these younger firemen.  But Ginger only has eyes for him and he denies, denies, denies that he's falling for the BBQ waitress with the long sexy legs.   She's got serious trouble and he struggles with the idea of mixing business with pleasure.

Ma- This crazy lady will steal your heart and make you laugh with every line of the book.  Her  crazy antics drives this story and helps solve a crime.  We all need Ma in our lives.  Damn, I love her.  When she falls for the captain's dog, and sneaks him pancakes, its Lucille Ball comedy.

The conflict.
  Gold Coast is a sleepy Florida beach side town until mysterious fires break out.  Court arrives to take over the job as captain of the fire department.  As the mystery unravels, the fires burn, and Ginger, his  number one suspect,  sneaks her way into his heart.  But who is setting these fires and why?  And why is his dog getting fat meanwhile?

This is a full length novel for adults only because, dang, it gets HOT in Florida.
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