Friday, January 27, 2017

Author Sara Turnquist is on the Elite Blog today.

Good Friday morning.  It is always exciting to welcome other authors over to the blog.  Today, the lovely Sara Turnquist is here to talk about her newest title, Hope in Cripple Creek.
Welcome, Sara.  Please tell us about your inspiration for this story.

I have always loved the Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman series. I wanted to write something placed in that general time period. So, I asked my husband (who had lived in Colorado for a short time), "What's a small town in Colorado that would be a good place to set my story?" He responded with Cripple Creek, Colorado. I thought it sounded good. So, I started my research there. Then I uncovered this amazing story of a miners strike. It was pretty involved, actually. The governor and state militia even played a part in ending hostilities. The love story, is all my imagination. And the inspiration is a conglomeration of many things I've read and seen.

A personal reflection on the story:

This story is the hardest to boil down adequately into a paragraph for a back cover copy, in my opinion. It really has two story lines that are interwoven. One is very much based on actual events (the miner's strike featuring the main character's brother) and the love story. This is my fourth novel. And, while it's never a simple task to shrink a whole plot into one or two paragraphs, this one proved the most difficult. This novel is SO much more than what is written on the back blurb. It was also the first novel that underwent such deep editing. All of my novels have had the same number of editors, but this novel's editors really pushed me harder. Not because it was in worse shape, but because they "could see great potential in the story".

Blurb for the book,

Tragedy strikes Katherine Matthews and the small town of Cripple Creek, Colorado. An epidemic teams her with an old enemy, Wyatt Sullivan, the town’s doctor. In the midst of desperation and death, Katherine has decisions to make. But she has no idea to what extent they will affect her daily life and livelihood.  The town is turned upside-down when the gold miners go on strike. The owners bring in outside reinforcements, ready to break the resolve of the Western Federation of Miners. Everything in an upheaval, Katherine faces a crisis of faith and hard choices. Will life ever be normal again?

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