Monday, June 12, 2017

~~Cover Reveal~~ Blackwater Burning

Coming this summer!  Blackwater Burning.
This is a western and it's a romance. I don't want to call it a western romance because this isn't your typical gushy, hot, bare-chested cowboy story. (nothing wrong with those, but this isn't it.)  Blackwater Burning has the adventure and tension of your man's favorite western, but with a back story of romance that will keep women turning pages.  I for one, LOVE these types of realistic gritty storylines.  Here's the cover! Look for it soon. Elle

There’s a killer in the mountains, a beautiful woman in his bed, and an orphan at the mission. 
Won as a prize in a poker game, Italian beauty Sophia is forced to run with Comanche Crow and his Hellfire gang.  Crow is as dark and disturbed as the devil, and when his gang begin to kill just outside of Tucson, they fall into the jurisdiction of Sheriff Cooper Blackwater.
Blackwater takes his job seriously, and he’s sacrificed plenty to wear his badge. He’ll face his biggest challenge with Comanche Crow, especially if he falls for Crow’s mistress, Sophia, who is claiming her innocence and his heart.

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