Monday, March 23, 2015

Bringing up baby and oh baby I'm going to be famous.

Releasing a new book is always exciting.  It's full of hopes and dreams and expectations of greatness.  As an author, you might find yourself refreshing the Amazon sale page every few minutes, foaming at the mouth waiting for your ship to come in.  Because, hey.  Obviously, you just wrote that elusive, never explained, "Great American Novel" and the readers are going to burn a path right to your door. 

Then, depending on your outlook, goals and how full your wine glass might be, reality sets in.  It's still work.  You still have to flick on your neon sign and say, "Hey, look over here!"   It's tough for almost every author I know since typically, most authors are shy little wallflowers.  Good thing for me I have big mouth.

I got to use it this week too when by some strange cosmic luck I was asked to be interviewed on a radio show.  KJZZ "The Show" in Phoenix called me and talked to me for a good thirty minutes about Seducing His Senator.   I had fun, sounded a little bit like a politician myself as I tried to explain how even rigid politicians might find romance.  (They say there's someone for everyone) and yes, it's hot. 

So check back here often and I'll provide the podcast link as soon as I get it.  So for all of us that are bringing up baby, trying to spread the word about your book.  Just keep at it.  You don't have to post "Buy my book" links all day long,  but stay active and stay positive.   It will happen.  

Until next week....   Here's a photo of Brock Barone, the cowboy that roped his favorite sexy senator lady.  YUM. 

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