Monday, March 30, 2015

Build your library and make it pretty.

Writers, I don't know where I read this advice, but I'm passing it along, because I think it's a good one. 
  Plan your library of books.  So, you've got one or two out there and of course, there will be more. Don't worry about sales early in your career.   One or two books isn't enough bait in the big lake of readers.  Build your library.   Here's something else,  PLAN AHEAD.  Get yourself really familiar with your target audience and then figure out a brand.  Work with a cover artist NOW and decide, just what common thread you're going to weave on all you covers that a reader is going to recognize as uniquely you.
  I followed the advice of building a library. I wrote and wrote and wrote... but I didn't pay attention to branding. *sigh*  It's never too late, so now I'm going to start.   To know what I'm talking about, I'll use Cora Seton for an example.  If you check her covers out on Amazon, you'll see beautiful, eye catching covers that scream out her name without you having to read a single word. 
  Not sure how much of a difference a good brand will make?  I think my daughter is a good example.  She was only 20 months old but knew immediately what the golden arches of McDonald's meant before she could read. She'd point her little finger at the sign and wail.  Now how powerful is that?  Imagine if you had that power.  McDonalds has had the same darn menu for over fifty years and yet, it's still number one in the market.  It's not the food.  It's the brand--and--there's one on every corner.  See what I mean? 
  Have a wonderful week.  I'm going to spend mine working on THREE books that need ready by Fall.   But you can be sure, I'll be bugging the heck out of my cover artist to help me figure out a consistent look to these masterpieces when I'm through. ~Elle

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