Friday, December 26, 2014

A New Year and new opportunities.

Today sometimes feels like the hangover of a big year-long party.  There's a mess to clean up while we think about the next big event-New Years.  The older we get, more and more we're stunned at how fast time flies by and usually, we lament on the changes that have occurred over the last twelve months. 
 Be easy on yourselves. Life is a rough sport.  If you didn't do anything you set out to do the last year, well here comes a whole new opportunity to give those goals another shot. 
  I will be sitting down to finish book two of Children of the Horse.  It will focus on the village and cover some of the love story of Raven Eye and Bird Song while we watch the love of Snow Fire and Bear Talker continue to grow.   Hopefully, we will see the publishing of Seducing his Senator, a fast and very hot western contemporary.  By the end of the year I should also be starting on pages of some sort of sequel to Josey's Mountain. 
  These are the goals--let's see how much I can accomplish.
Have a blessed and very safe New Year.  Elle

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