Sunday, December 21, 2014

My daughter and Rice Krispies Cereal. Wow.

My seven year-old daughter is a fussy eater.  Really, a cute little pain in the butt when it comes to her food.  Not interested in the big ham and egg feast I made this morning she pouted in the kitchen until she saw the box of cereal meant for the marshmallow treats.  I pour her a small bowl because I didn't expect she'd eat it being such a picky person.  
 I give her the bowl...she brings it back to me staring at it with this perplexed look on her face.  I sigh.
"What's wrong now?"
"Mommy, it's making a fizzing noise, and jumping around in my bowl.  What's wrong with it?"
It didn't register in my mind at first but when it did, I howled with laughter. 
"That's what that cereal does...snap crackle and pop."   I am crying because I forgotten that at her age how could she know this?
She gives me this look like...WOW!!!!   Ate the whole damn bowl. 

Don't forget that life is all about the simple joys, the small discoveries and laughs.  It doesn't matter if you get nothing under the tree or a truckload.  The things of value cannot be purchased.

Merry Christmas everyone.  ~Elle

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