Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Get to know the cast of Seducing His Senator

This is something new.  I thought it might be interesting to talk about the characters of one of my books and see if we find out what makes them tick, what makes this book so special and different from the others.  

Let's start with the Senator herself, Vivian Le Masters.

She's older than your typical romance protagonist.  She's thirty six, accomplished, savvy and articulate. But there is something missing in her life.  Love.  Not just a romantic relationship, but love in general.  The lack of love and being part of a family unit has made her feel isolated even though she is usually found speaking to crowds or giving speeches.  This makes her especially vulnerable and her high position makes her extremely selective.  So much so, that she doesn't even attempt to find love at all.  And, since the atmosphere in DC and in Arizona is so quick to point fingers, she's scared of becoming a tabloid headline. 

Brock Barone-Rancher

Brock has all kinds responsibilities that weigh him down.  The ranch and his ailing father.  There is also a family legacy at stake.  His uncle holds all the cards and wants to use Brock's good looks and the family charm to lure the pants off of one sexy young Arizona senator lady.   Brock is caught between his love for his father, the Bar One Ranch and doing what's right.  He's not a player, he's not a scammer and he's not a seducer.  But when he lays eyes on Vivian.  Something happens.  Now Brock wants it all.  How is he going to accomplish that and still stay the good guy?  How can he keep it all intact without causing a scandal.  He can't. 

Jackie Warner 

Jackie is Vivian's assistant and really drives this story behind the scenes.  The hero might not always be the love interest.  The best friend that's willing to sacrifice herself, no matter how down and dirty she has to go to do it,  can also be the hero.   Jackie is warped, funny and makes you wonder just who is really running the show.  She's easy to love and to hate and that's why we need her to help balance out the story line.  Personally, I loved her. 

Olson Barone.

If you watch Shark Tank and know who Mr. Wonderful is,  I think I have a crush on the man.  But he was the perfect inspiration behind Olson.  Although I don't think Mr. Wonderful would stoop to Olson's level.  
Olson want's revenge for losing the love of Brock's mother to his very own brother.  When he sets his eyes on the Senate seat, he's willing to create a scandal to screw up Vivian's good reputation and he's willing to use his sexy young nephew to do it.  But Olson has a weakness.  It's up to Brock and even Jackie Warner to find it. 

So there you go, readers.   Some inside look into the complexity of the characters I create in my books.  There's plenty of steam but let's have a good plot with some twist and turns and maybe a little unconventionality thrown in.  After all.  Real life never colors by the numbers. 

Happy Reading.  

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