Friday, April 17, 2015

It's getting HOT in here! Get to know The Pin-Up Artist and Top Brass

Two of my hotter romances just got a face-lift recently.  Top Brass  and The Pin Up Artist are now heating up the place.   I'm very grateful to C.A. Speakman, owner and operator down at for designing a new smoldering look for two of my earliest works.  

The Pin-Up Artist is a romantic comedy with a definite mystery surrounding the fires taking place at a small beach side town in Florida.  But it's not only the fires making things hot.  The fire Captain and the spunky waitress do a good job of it as they come together to solve the crimes of Gold Coast Florida.  There are awesome secondary characters, such as "Ma" who is just crazy as hell as she feeds pancakes to the K9 cop and then gets herself in a heap of trouble with the bad guys.   This book has four five star ratings. 
The downside---It never went to an editor.  Have fun finding my typos.  However, you will laugh.  That's a guarantee.  1.99 kindle full category length romance. 

Top Brass has a lot of fans out there already.  Set in a strip club, cowgirl Dixie Reece puts it all on the line to save a ranch full of abandoned horses.  She gets a crash course lesson in striping and in falling in love.  Dalton, the club owner wishes he was anyplace else but at a gentlemen's club.  He'd rather be  on horseback than watching the pole dancers.   But when the new hire, Dixie comes out on stage with a new name of Copper Penny.   Dalton thinks no price is too high to win the cowgirl of his dreams.  This book also has a cast of secondary characters.   You have to meet Phillip the costume guy.  He's fabulous and he's funny.  Everybody loves Phillip.   This book has six five star ratings. 1.99 kindle larger novella length.

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