Monday, April 20, 2015

Solstice Publishing and I are sharing our One Year Anniversary!

  It's hard to believe that a year has passed since I thought I might be finished as a published author.  Let me explain;
  I wrote and sold three books to a small publishing house that for all the world looked and felt like the real deal.  But it wasn't, not by a long shot.   My second book became a big Amazon best seller and for a new author the thrill was amazing until I realized I wasn't going to see a dime of royalties.  Yep, the publisher took it and ran and closed down on me and other hardworking men and women who thought we had a good thing going. 

Enter Solstice Publishing.  What can I say?  This publishing company should have a company logo of a red cape, or a golden halo.   Without question, they picked up all my old contracts, and had me back on the market within a matter of weeks.   Talk about an author being relieved and grateful.  I was that and more. 

In my hand, not yet published was my full length novel that at the last minute got shelved by Harlequin.  I didn't hesitate to hand it to Solstice and within a few weeks, together, we saw amazing sales of which I'm not sure I'll ever see again.   Now with all that loot headed my way, I held my breath and probably had one too many glasses of wine wondering ......will Solstice find a way to keep the money like the last people? 

NO.  Solstice Publishing with Melissa Miller CEO, and a team of caring and gracious editors, not only paid on time, they gave up their own time, their own twitter, fb and other outlets space for my book to get exposure.   Then, when I attempted another Harlequin contest, they supported me there too when they didn't have to.   Talk about a classy company. 

So, in honor of our one year together, and despite the fact that Josey's Mountain is still on Amazon's Best Seller's list, and more than 3800 units sold,  we are going to give it away for FREE for one day only.   Wednesday, April 22nd.  

So get your free copy on Wednesday and lets shoot this novel to number one and help me thank Solstice Publishing for such a wonderful first year.

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