Monday, April 13, 2015

It's all about YOU

Did you know that everything around you, everything you see, all your friends, your home and your pets all began with a thought?  You had a notion and then you took that and created your own reality.  So yes, good or bad, it's all your fault.  But wait!  That's not very nice, Elle!  Well, no, but if you created this reality, you can create another. How?   With thought.  If you keep thinking in negatives..."Oh, nobody is going to like this book.  I don't have a chance in hell...."  THATS WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO GET.    "Nobody likes me.  I'm too mean, to forward, too wimpy, too fat, too skinny.  I have acne."   YEAH, THEY WILL ALL THINK THIS AND HAND YOU SOME FACE CREAM.   
  Do you really want to succeed?  Really and truly want to see fruits of your labor?  LIVE THE DREAM.  Start right now.  Begin with your thoughts.   Keep it simple, light and fun.  Keep your thought process positive always.   I promise, changes will occur to make those thoughts a reality for you.  THEY HAVE TO.  YOU CAN'T FAIL if you always take what isn't working and find a good reason to keep positive.  It simply, can't happen. 
  Now, you still have to do the elbow grease, learn your trade, do some homework. etc... but do it with high expectations and believe it's all there... Your most powerful tool in life is you.  The most powerful engine are your thoughts and your attitude.   Attract success.   

Good Monday Everyone.   It will happen because you claim it right here, right now.  Elle


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