Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Last Laugh. "Can you please identify your turkey?" Win a book!

Happy Tuesday.  My husband calls me often from his office and for some reason, today he brings up an age old debate that has gone on for several years in our house.   The Frozen Turkey dilemma.  Well, I figured I'd bring the debate to my readers and get your opinion on who was right and wrong. 

We were driving home and spot a large white object in the road.  I get out and pick up a fully frozen, still wrapped Butterball turkey.  A big sucker and pricey too.  I get in the car with this thing, giggling because its not every day you find your road kill already cleaned, packaged and ready to eat. Hubby looks at this bird and enthusiastically declares that he doesn't have to go buy us one for Thanksgiving now. 

Like hell.  I'm NOT  chancing cooking a turkey that I  have no idea where it came from, how it got in the road etc, etc...  oh, we playfully argue over this for some time.  He insist it fell out of a car or truck or some poor soul put it on a roof like a forgotten can of soda and in their holiday haste, the bird took it's last flight. Makes sense, but how do we KNOW this?  I just flat refused to cook it.  

The kids suggested a wanted poster on the mailboxes..."Hey, did you lose your meal and can you please call and describe?"  Yeah, no. I refused that too although in retrospect maybe whomever lost their turkey would have appreciated the effort. 

So, who's side are you on?  Hubby or me?  Respond in the comments and one person will be randomly chosen to receive a free PDF electronic copy of one of my books. 

Happy Thanksgiving, Elle.


  1. Of course I would eat it as long as the packaging was sealed!

  2. Yea...as long as everything was sealed, no tears or pokes or holes anywhere, I'd go for it!

  3. There will be no living with him now. He's totally winning. LOL

  4. I'm gonna say no. I probably wouldn't risk it. To many crazy people out there these days.

  5. Nope. I wouldn't touch it. I wouldn't even have taken it into my car. One never knows if ISIS is planting roadside turkey bombs.


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