Wednesday, November 18, 2015

UK! You made One Hundred Horses number one in Native Literature. Thank You.

Thank you so much!  One Hundred Horses now gets to join Josey's Mountain and Children of the Horse as an official number one best seller.     *they brag to each other *   

Here's a bit of backstory about this novel. 
I wrote it  over sixteen years ago while most of my babies were very small.  It  was sent off to Lovespell   the old fashioned snail mail way and I waited a year but eventually got the rejection. 
 Fast forward to  2013 and with the encouragement of author, F.J. Thomas and the help of Solstice Publishing, not to forget Gina Hagetorn and the girls of the Flash group,  I cleaned up a few  things and it became published.  

So happy for Grey Fox and the woman who healed his heart, Sarah Cashion. 

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